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Oswego Chris

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#26067 Brett Jackson hate

Posted by Oswego Chris on 19 June 2012 - 07:20 PM

most prospects don't pan out, and I think some of us are just being cautious....jackson was at the top of what was a really bad Cub system...I have read that his ceiling is that of a starter...not a star, but just a guy that can possibly start in the bigs...I will still put my money on Javiar Baez as most legit prospect in the system....including Rizzo...

#25881 LaHair....keep him

Posted by Oswego Chris on 19 June 2012 - 07:12 AM

This is not a knee jerk reaction to last nights game

People always point out his age as a negative...actually, I think you could look at it as a positive. If you believe that he is actually a quality major league hitter now..which I obviously do...then you have a major bargain for the next three to four years from ages 29 to 33...an age where most guys that produce like him are making a ton of dough...

He is good Rizzo insurance and may be able to play left...

This philosophy is predicated on the idea that you would not get a trade offer that has the same value..

#10533 The Game of Thrones Baseball Season Preview

Posted by Oswego Chris on 28 March 2012 - 07:50 AM

the curse thing I guess then right?....because the Starks sure are lovable losers....

this George R.R. Martin guy is definitely a level 7 nerd but he has developed an epic story that may best both(dare I say) Star Wars and LOTR....I just wish he wouldn't describe the food and clothing details so much...if he did that he might be able to cut the books from 1000 to 500 pages...

oh and his 2 or 3 graphic geek boner passages that he writes...when Jon Snow was with that Wildling chick it was borderline porn..

#8472 Cubs Calendar 2/25/12 - Grimes

Posted by Oswego Chris on 25 February 2012 - 08:11 AM

I wonder if he is any relation to Frank Grimes...the famous Simpsons character from one of the greatest episodes of all time....RIP Frank...

"Frank Grimes or Grimey...as he liked to be called"


Posted by Oswego Chris on 11 January 2012 - 04:37 PM

If K's per 9,hits per 9, and ERA at age 22 or less is a "random" indicatator of future success, then please show me some stats that will project that Jacob Turner will one day be an elite pitcher.

Right now your market for Garza includes the Tigers......and the Tigers.. maybe the Rangers...oh, and the Tigers....the Yankees are not willing to move their top guys right now...

if you wait until the Trade Deadline your market will include EVERY contending team because they will all want a top end starter....

your argument to trade him now because "he could struggle" or "could go Tommy John" is not a valid rationale to trade him(unless you know something about his medical report)...by this rationale you better trade Castro before he blows out his knee, or any player because they all could struggle in the first month...

#5175 REBUILDING AND THE ART OF SEMANTICS(hope that last part doesn't scare som...

Posted by Oswego Chris on 23 December 2011 - 08:05 AM

Dave Kaplan said it this week so it must be true. The Cubs are going into full "rebuild". I have nothing against Kap, he seems like a decent fellow. However I have heard through my sources that his main source is Crane Kenney. Kenney is a guy I picture trying to listen in on the plans of the actual baseball people, outside the door with a cup against it (Theo opens the door..."Oh...Theo, I was just here...checking to see if we could install some advertising on these doors...yes, that's it") In fact, wouldn't it be funny if they knew he was listening and just spouted stuff out..."Yes that's right, we are going to trade Garza to Seattle for the remains of Milton Bradley"

Another thing about Kap, have you ever seen what he wears on Chicago Tribune Live ? I think he sneaks into the old wardrobe department at WGN and takes anything warn by Bozo the Clown, Ray Rayner, and Frazier Thomas. (unless you were a kid in the 70's, you probably won't get that referrence.)

However for the sake of argument, let's assume Kap is right. Let us assume that the Cubs are going to "rebuild". Here is where semantics come in, semantics defined means; the study of words and their meanings. So in the case of the Cubs, what does rebuilding really mean?

The 2011 Cubs were probably the most boring, uninspiring, and unwatchable edition in my time as a fan. So to say, the Cubs are going to "blow the whole thing up?"...well...duh? Kap lists his MLB sources saying "there really isn't much talent there.." Really? Shocking and insightful, don't you think? Knowledgeable Cub fans knew this already. Take Garza, Castro, and a couple relievers away and you have the suckiest sucks who ever sucked.(Homer quote)

Therefore "blowing the team up" is a fait accompli. (there I go getting fancy again, it means a conclusion already determined, and yes, that is how "fait" is spelled in this case) The roster would have been completely turned over no matter who was in charge.(yes...even Jim Hendry) So this "Breaking News" that Kap was selling the other night? Ahhh...not so much.

The way the rebuilding is done is the debatable part. PLAY THE KIDS! you say... Well, you see the problem there is, there really are no kids who are ready to play.( sorry, I don't care how many homers he hits in AAA, or Venezuela, or in whiffle ball, Bryan LaHair is not a kid) We pitched some kids last year, one was so bad I refuse to say his name. (I will give you a hint, it rhymes with Dacey Doleman) Trade for other people's kids? Maybe? But right now if you just continue to sell off assets without adding any MLB regulars you would be looking at a drop in the Cubs payroll of at least 30 million. This might be fine with some Cub fans, but I am guessing that without a significant drop in ticket prices(ALERT!ALERT!...this will never happen) some of the commoners may have a problem with this.(no offense, I would consider myself only slightly above a commoner)

Will the 2012 Cubs be "rebuilt". Yes. The roster will probably have at least a 50-60% turnover rate. Will the Cubs contend in 2012? Doubtful, but I certainly wouldn't start pining for 2013 and 2014 yet. The Sean Marshall trade (which apparently is moving at the same pace as the Theo compensation talks) in my opinion, is not a throw in the towel move. There are still too many variables out there. Do you really think that last week some time Theo and the boys were sitting around befuddled, threw up their arms and said "THAT'S IT, CALL KAP....IT'S A REBUILD!"?

What is going on right now is a very fluid situation. When all of the Scott Boras smoke clears, if the Cubs could get Fielder at close to their price...you think Theo says.."Nah...we're rebuilding" If the Marlins don't land anybody, they may still want Big Z.(who wouldn't!) Trade Marmol, there is possibly 8 more million to spend. Remember what Theo said about every season being "sacred".

Cub fans screamed and hollered for a regime change. We got one that was better then we ever could have hoped for. Trust them. They are smart. At least smarter than your average CSN/WGN sports personality.

Pretty sure they are better dressed too.

#5000 Building for the Future: What REALLY is the best way?

Posted by Oswego Chris on 20 December 2011 - 06:07 PM

I agree on Garza....not sure on Marshall...relievers are replaceable, but good lefty ones are harder to come by...I think in a perfect world you want to have the team that trades its prospects, not trades for them...simple concept I know, but for every hit on a prospect there are probably close to a hundred misses...everyone wants/needs quality starters...even the dream package that the Cubs were supposedly asking for from the Rangers did not excite me....

I would trade Brett Jackson in a heartbeat in a package for Gio Gonzalez....

#4762 Tim Tebow

Posted by Oswego Chris on 11 December 2011 - 06:42 PM

Give Denvers offensive coordinator credit...they call good plays to his strengths...unlike arrogant Martz who wont change...

#4407 Counterpoint- Why Pete Rose should NOT be in the Hall of Fame....

Posted by Oswego Chris on 01 December 2011 - 10:13 PM

impressive that so many people on this board even know who Trotsky was.......so will now that he is done with him will LaRussa exile Duncan to Mexico and then have him killed years later? Trotsky was a bit arrogant and thought Stalin was too stupid to rule..he probably also got beat up on the playground a lot.....a nice discussion about Pete Rose turns into Russian/Soviet hiistory

thumbnail this was supposed to be a picture of Trotsky...I need to go to bed

#3921 Worst Baseball Uniforms of All-Time?

Posted by Oswego Chris on 11 November 2011 - 05:05 PM

Posted Image

Runner-up for Marlins Uni's

#2473 If a World Series took place in the woods? Would it make noise?

Posted by Oswego Chris on 23 October 2011 - 10:35 AM

I should note that I am only writing this quick little piece because I got a text from one of my Cardinal buddies today mocking the Theo hire.

Really....it's amazing how far the Series has dropped in the Sporting World...you are more likely to see the 59th replay of Michigan States' hail mary victory over Wisconsin than Pujols 3 homeruns.

So to all you snooty "Now Theriot knows what it's like to win" Cardinal fans...the hard truth: more people in baseball are interested in our new president than in this World Series. This is the lowest rated series so far since 1987, when the Twins played somebody, oh I can't remember...oh, that's right...The Cards.

Yes I respect the organization. Stan Musial is one of my favorites of all time. I think Dave Duncan is the true genius behind the magical Tony LaRussa. I do though still think Pujols needs to pee in a cup.

But the bottom line is for all your on the field dominance over the Cubs(and you have, I will give you that) you are still an afterthought on the big stage. Nobody cares other than you. Which is probably fine with most of you in Missoura. Just realize that if the Cubs ever do get consistent and start winning, you will be an even bigger afterthought, like the White Sox.

So I won't mind if you win, I won't mind seeing Nolan Ryan, Ron Washington and George W. Bush upset, and hey, if you win, you might be a bit more relevant.

#2406 While we wait...and wait....and wait....here are some Cub Holidays!

Posted by Oswego Chris on 19 October 2011 - 01:23 PM

When I was a kid, my little brother and I would have to wait at the top of the stairs on Christmas morning while my mom "checked" to see if Santa came, and to turn on the tree. It was just a few more minutes of waiting after weeks and weeks of Christmas anticipation. We Cub fans have been standing on top of those stairs for over two weeks now, waiting to come down and open our presents for Theo-Day, Epsteinaroma, or New Competent Baseball Guy Day(any name will suffice). I am hoping to get a Ryne Sandberg manager and 2 solid starters.

I hope I didn't alienate any of my usual readers by acknowledging a Christian holiday, you can fill in your own non Christian Theo holiday if you wish. This topic got me thinking; As Cub fans, we need some holidays to set us apart from all of the non-suffering fans of the world. These days can further bond us, and waste even more time on one of the most inept sports teams in the history of the universe.

When early Cub fans named this day, they miscalcualated who the best player in the Ivan Dejesus for Larry Bowa/Ryne Sandberg deal was going to be. Cub theologians have long debated changing the name, but have decided to keep it the same.
CUSTOMS- Taking candy from random babies, stealing from the blind.
DO'S/DON'TS- No talk of World Championships since, and no mention of Davey Martinez.

One of the holiest of Cub days, we honor the birth of Ernie Banks.
CUSTOMS- wearing your shortstop glove for most of the day, then switching to your 1B's glove for the last few hours.

DO'S&DON'TS- absolutely no mention of post season play, and the year 1969.

A minor holiday honoring Kerry Woods 20 strikeout performance against the Astros in 1998.
CUSTOMS- Some Cub Fundamentalists(they're crazy!) bend their elbows backwards until they hear the snap, requiring Tommy John surgery.

One of the most somber and reflective days of Cub worship, remembering the trade of Lou Brock for Ernie Broglio to the hated Cardinals. Some Cub Theoligans persisted in debating the trade of a poor fielding 4th outfielder for an 18 game winner for decades, to no avail.
CUSTOMS- Cub fans must recite each year that the Cardinals have won the World Series since this date on 1964.
DO'S& DON'TS- It is highly recommended not to look at Mr. Brock's career stats on this day.

On one of the few triumphant days over the Cardinals, Ryne Sandberg's 5-6 two homer day is celebrated.
CUSTOMS- Watching the replays on You Tube, killing a white rat.
DO'S&DON'TS As usual, no mention of Championships since, and the Davey Martinez thing again.

Minor holiday in honor of the trade that sent a big pile of garbage to the Pirates for Kenny Lofton and Aramis Ramirez, which lead to the closest we have been to the Cubocalypse. The name most Theologians give the eventual or possible (depending on who you believe) World Championship. Some prefer Cubgasm.


These two months are the most dreadful in all of Cub history. They offer numerous days of atonement, reflection and depression. In fact, due to the number of choices, Cub fans themselves choose which days they celebrate/remember. For example, my father drank all of September in honor of the 1969 Cub collapse.(actually he drank every month now that I think of it). Being of younger vintage, I celebrate Septmber 24th(the day my '84 Cubs clinched) and contemplate suicide(not really) every October 7th('84 loss) and October 14th( game 6 loss to Marlins).

These are just a few of the holidays on the Cub calender. Let's hope Theo gives us a new one soon.

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