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2014 Roster Quade Nickname Quiz

15 April 2014 - 12:33 PM

Yes, some of these will be very easy...but if Mike Quade, with his supreme nicknamin' abilities was still managing the Cubs...who would these players be?


and the pitchers

Double Dub
Lefty Who Pitches Everyday


Brett's Financial Report...just a bit more info..

20 March 2014 - 09:47 AM

As we are still marveling at the piece Brett dropped yesterday, I wanted to make a brief connection. 


last fall when I was tasked with coming up with the 105th reason for my book, number 105 was originally going to be called "The Zelling of the Chicago Cubs".  Brett was much more patient in his research,(I got bogged down in some of the financial mess, and didn't think I could present it in an entertaining way) Brett was also very prudent in talking about the "Tribune Company"(probably the lawyer in him) Below is a link written by Mr. Alan Sloan, who actually predicted the tribune sale would cause the IRS to get involved.  I actually contacted Mr. Sloan, and if I revisit this ever, I may use some of his words.


But the "War and Peace" of the Cubs and their finances has already been written....well done again Mr. Taylor!





Are MLB teams making a mistake in spring training? Could there be a competitive advanta...

19 March 2014 - 09:49 AM

When I coached High School baseball one of the most frustrating parts was getting players at bats in "game like situations".  Weather and a lack of arms always prevented us from getting the right amount prior to the season...hence, even the best players may take a few games to "find their stroke".


Major League teams should not have this problem. They have a ridiculously long spring training, have all sorts of Major League and minor league arms to throw, AND they play games(sometimes two with split squads) every day. Hitters and pitchers also play "simulated games" on back fields...unfortuantely this means nothing to Cubs' fans as Kerry Wood and Mark Prior lead us to two simulated titles in the early 2000's. With all that spring training offers, some players are still notorious "slow starters" or take a long time to adjust in April and May.  Injuries and general flucuations in performance may account for some, but I think I have uncovered an area where teams(lets just hope the Cubs) could improve.


As of this morning, the 2014 Chicago Cubs have had 744 plate appearances in spring training games.  Going into any given MLB season, you would think that a team has identified 20-25 hitters(give or take a few) who have the best chance of helping a team in the regular season? The Cubs have had 50 different players combine for those 744 plate appearances.  50! Surely this is because of the sorry state of the Cubs right? No. The World Champion Boston Red Sox have had 46 players combine for their 723 plate appearances.  I understand the injury risks, etc, etc...but I think there is a competitive advantage just waiting to be had.  It seems so simple, but prioritize your top 20-25 guys and get them the at bats they need. Hell, run for them every time they get on, or put them in a glass case between at bats...but should there really be 50 guys getting at bats against opposing pitchers?


Let's just consider the Cubs: Chris Valaika, a 28 year old non roster invitee has 29 at bats....more than many players who the Cubs are counting on to contribute.  Here are some more at bats from roster long(some so long they have already been cut) shots: Coglan 29, Roberts 24, D.McDonald 21, Baker 17, Wells 13, and Cunningham 13 and Lopez 10.  Thats almost 150 plate appearances that could be put to better use.  Do we need so many guys computing for a spot or two, taking up at bats when it sacrifices at bats for guys that WILL be on the roster? Should Chris Valaika have as many at bats as Darwin Barney(the perceived starter)...because he does. Junior Lake has 4 hits in 28 at bats...could he have had a few more at bats that went to some of the aforementioned players?


I know it's "early", but perhaps the Cubs could borrow a bit of football terminology.  NFL players have to battle in mini-camp, training camp, and every practice to get as many "reps" as possible.  Maybe spring training plate appearances need a bit more value attached to them.



feel free to rip my theories to shreds....


or follow me on twitter @BBCG105reasons


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http://www.amazon.co...urses and goats

Thanks to Brett...Thanks to BN...Help Brett & BN and help me...then watch more Javy...

13 March 2014 - 07:08 AM

Sorry to interrupt JavyMania, especially after last night's bomb...and I know many of you are tired of hearing about this, but an artist without promotion is a starving artist.(okay, okay...not "starving" but moderately successful as opposed to "great success!" (to quote Borat)



Thanks to Brett for the shout out regarding the 2nd edition of my book being converted to Ebook for Kindle and other forms of which even my publisher has yet to make clear to me. I also greatly appreciate the kind words many of you have expressed. Any time that Brett does mentions the book, I get an uptick in sales.  As of last night, I held the number 10 and 13 spots on Amazon in the prestigious Baseball Statistics department. (trust me, that probably means I sold 3 or 4 copies yesterday)


However, now with Brett's convenient Support BN on Amazon tab, I am hoping many of you feel the need/copmpassion to give this book a try...and I immensely thank those who have.


Incidently, if you want an inside look at the fast pace, live on the razor's edge of death world of publishing...check this out.  The paperback retails for 14.99(usually cheaper on Amazon) of which I get around 17%...the Ebook version is 5.99, for which I get 33%...crazy huh?


My book was also recently picked up by Anderson book stores in Downers Grove Illinois, so if you know anyone remotely in that area...let them know...they are autographed copies as well! ..Sure to be worth...well, not much, but it is signed by the author.


immense thanks, and ALL the best to Brett and the BN community


Chris Neitzel


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for an autographed copy via the mail contact me at BBCG105Reasons@yahoo.com



Okay, commence watching Javy hit home runs!




More Ideas for Cubs' Toys and Promotions

26 February 2014 - 10:49 AM

This morning Brett had a nice write-up about the toys and other promotional giveaways for the Cubs in 2014.  They vary from the pretty cool(Joe Tinker bobblehead) to the kinda strange (60's throwback Etch-A-Sketch)...I get that with the whole 100 year thing they are trying to have some "decade-themed" items...but here are just a few more ideas.



1980's Throwback Sammy Sosa Transformer- Sammy will transform from a speedy little skinny outfielder into a hulking figure ready for action! Bat also transforms, for cork-concealing fun! (note-the 2010's version's skin will lighten when you twist his arm, and he will turn into one of the vampires from True Blood)



Multi-Decade Cubs' Operation Game-


Be careful! Don't get buzzed by the multiple injury prone Cubs that come in different versions! Comes in Kerry Wood, Mark Prior, Angel Guzman, Bill Buckner, Rick Sutcliffe, Jose Guzman and new addition Kyuji Fujikawa.



1980's Stripping Marla Collins Doll


this undressable doll allows kids to relive the time in 80's Cubs' history when ball girl Marla Collins posed for Playboy(not that I ever saw those pictures)


1990's Joe Carter "as Announcer" Talking Bobblehead


celebrate Joe's 1 year behind the mic with this bobblehead which will randomly speak at times, and will awkwardly ask if you have talked to people who are dead


1980's Lee Elia Speak & Say



this classic children's toy has helped generations of kids learn...relive some of Lee's classic talks to the media...(*not recommended for children under 21)










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