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God’s Wrathwatch: MRI Reveals that Soriano is Pretty Much Fine

So much for using the knee as an excuse for a terrible season. I kid. Mostly. The Cubs and Alfonso Soriano got good news Saturday when an MRI exam on his left knee showed only inflammation, a condition that could require only medication. Dr. Stephen Gryzlo, the team’s orthopedic specialist, will examine Soriano again today […]

God’s Wrathwatch: Soriano to Have MRI … In Like Two Weeks

Chicago Cubs outfielder Alfonso Soriano has been battling a sore knee since late April, following an outfield wall collision. Recently, both he and the Cubs were thinking that an MRI and a disabled list stint might be due. Well, Soriano, at least, has changed his mind. Soriano plans to have an MRI exam on the […]

Steven Stone for Cubs President?

Steve Rosenbloom really likes other guys named Steve, apparently. That is the only logical explanation for his recent diatribe, forcefully arguing for new owner Tom Ricketts to hire Steve Stone as the Cubs’ new president. Stone is guy who grew in the Baltimore system, where the philosophy was, if we need more hitting, we’ll get […]

God’s Wrathwatch: Soriano’s Knee Problems May Lead to Surgery

Alfonso Soriano has been dealing with a troublesome knee for most of this season. But before you blame his absurd struggles on the knee, know that (1) he’s said he feels great and that his swing feels good, and (2) he’s the one who has insisted on playing despite the knee issues. The left fielder […]


Two Moves That Prove Lou Piniella Has Lost His Mind

Lou Piniella has always been a little quirky – at least in his time with the Chicago Cubs. At first, it was endearing. Then, it was tolerable. Now, it’s really starting to piss me off. I’m probably falling victim to the old “fire the coach (manager)” saw, but I can’t help it. This team is […]

Dave Kaplan May Be the Most Overpaid Writer in the Cublogoverse

Chicago Cubs writer Dave Kaplan set off a firestorm yesterday when he posited that Carlos Zambrano May Be the Most Overpaid Player in the Game. That suggestion, alone, would have been enough to subject Kaplan to ridicule. After all, one need look no further than Zambrano’s own teammates – Alfonso Soriano, Aaron Miles, and Ryan […]

Enhanced Box Score: Reds 3, Cubs 5 – July 25, 2009

Great to see Alfonso Soriano and Milton Bradley put together good nights on the same night. If they can do that with remote regularity, the talk of needing a bat will go away quickly. And kudos to Kevin Hart, who had his first very good start of the year. But…

Enhanced Box Score: Cubs 6, Nationals 5 – July 18, 2009

Hey, Alfonso Soriano did something on the offensive side that wasn’t, you know, offensive. I guess the injured little pinky  was a good thing. At least Milton Bradley still stank up the place (and broke his bat over his knee), or I just wouldn’t know which was up.


The Cubs Are Bankrupt, Sold

The Tribune Company is considering declaring the Chicago Cubs bankrupt in a legal maneuver designed to expedite the sale of the team. It sounds bad, but there’s really no concern. The key to the deal, for a team being sold for a reported $900 million that routinely draws 3 million fans a year to Wrigley […]

Sam Fuld Back to Chicago to Replace Soto

Sam Fuld is heading back to Chicago to take Geovany Soto’s place on the roster once he’s DL’d. Fuld was more than adequate in a brief stint a couple weeks ago, and with Alfonso Soriano and Milton Bradley continuing to struggle, Fuld could actually see some at bats this time around. Then again, he may […]

Alfonso Soriano and Milton Bradley Need You to Stop Booing Them

The Chicago Cubs are back to their slumping offensive ways, and with the division-leading Cardinals coming into town tomorrow, there will be little patience for struggling superstars. But you’re going to have to resist the urge to boo Alfonso Soriano and Milton Bradley. It hurts them, and apparently, it makes them suck. “I can’t go […]

Soriano Will Not Be Leading Off Today

Though Chicago Cubs manager Lou Piniella wouldn’t say it outright, you can mark it down that: (a) Alfonso Soriano will play today, but (b) he will not be batting lead-off. “We’ll probably make a few adjustments with our lineup tomorrow,” Piniella said after Friday’s game. “I can tell you I have confidence in the young […]


Lou Piniella and Alfonso Soriano Hate Milton Bradley

As you may have heard by now, Milton Bradley had a temper tantrum during yesterday’s game against the White Sox, and was removed from the game by manager Lou Piniella. Apparently Bradley, frustrated with a poor at bat, came into the dugout and took a few swings at the Gatorade cooler and threw his helmet. […]

Cubs Could Sport Benchy Lineup Today Against Braves

I know it’s just a makeup game, but it’s still, um, a real game. Chicago Cubs manager Lou Piniella plans to sit some regulars today against the Atlanta Braves – the makeup of a rain out. One regular? Two Regulars? THREE regulars? Early indications are that Lou is thinking he’ll sit Alfonso Soriano, Milton Bradley, […]


God’s Wrathwatch: Ooh, Ooh, Maybe Soriano Can Miss Time, Too!

Over the weekend, it came out that outfielder Alfonso Soriano has been battling a sore knee after banging it into a wall last week. So far he’s been able to play, but we’ll see how that goes. “His knee’s bothering him some,” Piniella said. “The trainer hasn’t told me he can’t play. Soriano’s a tough […]

Alfonso Soriano to Second Base?

Something that would have seemed a ridiculous joke just a week ago now seems like a real possibility: Chicago Cubs manager Lou Piniella is intimating that he may move Alfonso Soriano to second base in order to get Micah Hoffpaiur in the lineup regularly. Manager Lou Piniella said before Thursday’s game that he has one […]

Phil Rogers Hates Jim Hendry

Phil Rogers, as a knighted member of the Cublogoverse owes us more. Rogers recently wrote a veiled critique of all things Jim Hendry. The gist of the opus is that the Cubs’ moves this offseason have not worked out well (that’s actually a fair point – obvious, easy, effortless, but fair). The lack of depth, […]

OMG Soriano Batted Third! OMG it Didn’t Last!

OMG Alfonso Soriano totally batted somewhere other than lead off this weekend!!!! And then he went back to lead off on Sunday, and the Cubs kicked the Cardinals’ collective ass. Despite the quick reversion to lead off, the move does say something about Piniella’s thoughts on batting order, and he shared them in tandem with […]

Carlos Zambrano is Totally Zorro, and Injury Stuff

Carlos Zambrano is now officially Zorro, the masked avenger, riding in on horseback to save the day. No, not just because his name starts with a Z, or because of his Spring Training (badass) mustache. Carlos Zambrano was taking grounders at third base and shortstop on Saturday. The Cubs hope it doesn’t come to that. […]