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God Relents: Derrek Lee’s Neck Injury is Minor

Derrek Lee’s bothersome neck is fine, he says. He’ll be ready for the doubleheader today. “I’m good; I’ll be in the lineup tomorrow,” he said. “There’s no story. I’m good. Just a tweak. I got out as a precaution.” That’s quite a precaution, given that it was just a four-run game at the time. […]

Hooray! Derrek Lee Pulled in Fifth with Apparent Injury

Micah Hoffpauir came out to play the top of the 6th, with no explanation yet given. This could be great. We will update when we have details. UPDATE: Apparently it was neck spasms that got the best of Lee, which is not good news. As you’ll recall, Lee missed several games earlier this year with […]

Winning Hurts: Dempster Out With Broken Toe After Celebrating Win

Sigh. It’s always something. Chicago Cubs starting pitcher Ryan Dempster is going to miss at least three weeks after breaking his big toe. Dempster said he caught his foot on the dugout railing while jumping out of the dugout running onto the field after Sunday’s win over the Brewers. “Sweet, huh?” Dempster said. What happened? […]


Cubs Aren’t Looking for a Bat Until After Aramis Ramirez Comes Back

The Chicago Cubs offense has been scuffling terribly for months. Some would say it coincides with the removal of Aramis Ramirez’s bat from the lineup, but it is not as though the team is simply missing one hitter – nobody, other than Derrek Lee, is hitting at all with consistency. But apparently the Cubs still […]

Derrek Lee to the Giants?

Obviously it’s not time for the Cubs to go into sell mode, but as a .500 team buried in the N.L. Central, it isn’t shocking that the sell-type rumors are starting to swirl. Could Derrek Lee be the hitter the Giants need? Sabean at least ought to see whether Chicago Cubs GM Jim Hendry would […]

Aramis Ramirez Dislocationwatch: Taking Grounders

Little update on Aramis Ramirez’s rehab from a dislocated shoulder. Aramis Ramirez did take some grounders at third early Wednesday at Minute Maid Park. The workout was done under the watch of athletic trainer Mark O’Neal and conditioning coach Tim Buss. Lou Piniella is trying to be patient until Ramirez returns. On Wednesday, Derrek Lee […]


Ryan Theriot is Either on Steroids, or Doesn’t Have a Sense of Irony

We’ve all said it. When Ryan Theriot started hitting bombs this year, we all made the same joke: he’s on the juice! Naturally, we didn’t actually believe it, but it was of course the first thing that popped into everyone’s head during these days of the steroid culture. And it’s made its way into the […]

Derrek Lee Might Be Back Tonight

The Cubs may be one step closer to full strength tonight in the series opener against the San Diego Padres. Derrek Lee, who’s been out almost a week could be back. I mean, he’s not necessarily a better hitter than Micah Hoffpauir at this point, but he’s nominally the starter. Lee, who has missed the […]

No DL for DL – See What I Did There?

I’m so witty. First baseman Derrek Lee, suffering a relapse with a bulging disc in his neck, was kept out of pregame activity and the lineup for the second consecutive day. But manager Lou Piniella said he expects Lee to be available this weekend in Milwaukee, as long as he gets through the three-hour flight […]

Cubs Place Zambrano on Disabled List, I Place Hot Poker in My Ear

It is barely May, and the Chicago Cubs have already seen Derrek Lee, Aramis Ramirez, Milton Bradley, Geovany Soto, and now Carlos Zambrano miss significant time. It’s a g-d miracle this team is above .500. Carlos Zambrano was placed on the 15-day disabled list with a Grade 2 left hamstring strain. Infielder Bobby Scales was […]


Phil Rogers Hates Jim Hendry

Phil Rogers, as a knighted member of the Cublogoverse owes us more. Rogers recently wrote a veiled critique of all things Jim Hendry. The gist of the opus is that the Cubs’ moves this offseason have not worked out well (that’s actually a fair point – obvious, easy, effortless, but fair). The lack of depth, […]

God’s Wrathwatch: Aramis Ramirez May Be Headed to DL

Milton Bradley is back, Carlos Marmol is back, and Derrek Lee is set to be back tonight. But third baseman Aramis Ramirez is still out with a strained calf. And it’s not getting better. “Ramirez was out here early to run, but he couldn’t accelerate at all,” Piniella told reporters. “The plan is for it […]


The Cublogoverse Says Kosuke Fukudome is HAWT

Yeah, yeah. It’s April and Kosuke Fukudome is one of the hottest hitters in baseball. What else is new. But had to give a shout to Zoner Sports, if for no other reason than the excellent title: Fukudome is Fukidominating. Everyone left him for dead but Kosuke Fukudome is Fuki-dominating. To be sure, those same […]

OMG Soriano Batted Third! OMG it Didn’t Last!

OMG Alfonso Soriano totally batted somewhere other than lead off this weekend!!!! And then he went back to lead off on Sunday, and the Cubs kicked the Cardinals’ collective ass. Despite the quick reversion to lead off, the move does say something about Piniella’s thoughts on batting order, and he shared them in tandem with […]

The 2009 Chicago Cubs: Preparing for the Worst Case Scenarios

Readers repeatedly asked me if I was going to write a “Why the 2009 Chicago Cubs Will Suck” article, as I had for the rest of the N.L. Central. My answer, in turn, was a repeated “no.” How could I? There is no objective, reasonable basis to conclude the Cubs will suck this year. But […]

MLB Officials Pressured Derrek Lee to Play in WBC Despite Injury

As we now know, Derrek Lee decided not to play in the World Baseball Classic when he was asked to replace Kevin Youkilis for the semi-finals. What we didn’t know is how he was approached about joining the team. Lee says that baseball officials came to him directly, and pressured him to sign up. “I […]

Derrek Lee May Join Team USA for WBC

With first baseman Kevin Youkilis going down with an ankle injury, the United States team may need a new first baseman for the semifinals and finals of the World Baseball Classic. Apparently they want Derrek Lee, and the Cubs are ok with that. Hendry said Wednesday night that he would support the first baseman if […]