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Bullpen Battlewatch: No One Stepping Up

The four men competing for the last two bullpen spots are running out of time to dazzle – and none are stepping up to the… er, rubber. Two pitched yesterday, two the day before, and all four disappointed. Chad Gaudin continued to show that whatever he hurt at the end of last year is not […]

Laughing Because It Didn’t Happen to the Cubs

As the world turns in Pittsburgh Pirate prospectland… Jose Tabata’s wife was questioned Tuesday on charges of taking an infant and could be charged with false imprisonment. Amalia Tabata Pereira, 43, allegedly abducted the infant Monday afternoon and reportedly turned the child, who was safe, in to the Manatee County Sheriff’s Office on Tuesday afternoon. […]

RosenFAIL: The Cubs Bench

I want to preface this with a word on accuracy and insight. I screw things up all the time. Sometimes I post things too quickly. Sometimes I don’t check my facts. It’s rare, but it happens. So I understand that writers can’t be perfect. But when you’re Ken Rosenthal, you are paid by Fox Sports […]

Why the 2009 Milwaukee Brewers Will Suck

This is the second installment in Bleacher Nation’s weekly series, exploring precisely why the other teams in the National League Central are going to suck in 2009. Previously: Cincinnati Reds. Once again, Bleacher Nation takes on the challenge of pointing out everything bad about a National League Central team, in a quest to provide you […]


Oh SNAP! Alex Rodriguez Tested Positive for Steroids!

Totally unrelated to the Cubs, but this is HUGE news. Sports Illustrated is reporting that Alex Rodriguez tested positive for anabolic steroids in 2003, his last season with the Rangers. This was before there were mandatory penalties for positive tests. When asked for comment before SI ran with the story, Rodriguez didn’t have much to […]

Lukewarm Stove: Adam Wainwright to the Yankees for Robinson Cano?

Gotta keep tabs on division rivals, and in an offseason where none of the Central teams have made particularly compelling moves, any whiff of a rumor is interesting. The St. Louis Cardinals have been especially quiet – both on the transaction front, and the rumor front. Lately, they’ve seemed focused on wrapping up their arbitration-eligible […]

St. Louis Cardinals May Pursue Jon Garland, Other Free Agent Starters

Given that the Cardinals seem to have only four starting pitchers set for 2009 (Adam Wainwright, Kyle Lohse, Todd Wellemeyer, Joel Piniero), I suppose this was only a matter of time. I guess I just hoped for the five spot they would sign some lackluster scrub or start some 32 year old “prospect.” Oh, wait. […]

The Brewers Are Unlikely to Add Anyone Else

With an off-season highlighted by banner moves such as signing 57-year-old closer Trevor Hoffman and getting a single second-round pick for CC Sabathia, one would expect the Brewers to continue to explore options to improve the club. But it is apparently unlikely. Melvin wouldn’t reveal his exact budget for 2009, but including projections of the […]


The Bumpy Cubs Sale Road

Forbes had a nice writeup late last week on the sale of the Chicago Cubs. As we’ve mentioned here before, with the Tribune Company in bankruptcy, the bankruptcy court is going to have to bless any sale – though the blessing will be largely perfunctory. One hurdle to the rubber stamping, however, is the “second […]

Cubs Pursuing Andy Pettitte?

Forget the fact that this hasn’t been reported *anywhere.* Forget the fact that Andy Pettitte just rejected a $10 million offer from the Yankees, and the Cubs were feverishly having to clear salary to add $10 million this year for Milton Bradley. And forget the fact that although I’m sure the Rocky Mountain News is […]

Mark Cuban Speaks About His Effort to Buy the Cubs

Today, Mark Cuban put together a thoughtful and insightful blog post about his efforts to buy the Chicago Cubs. I know that I was one of the thousands of Cubs fans who desperately hoped that not only would Cuban win the bidding, but that he would also gain approval from the stodgy old network of […]

2009 Draft Order and Free Agent Compensation

Go here for the 2009 Chicago Cubs Draft resource. This will include order, results, minor league designations, and articles. As more free agents sign, the 2009 draft order becomes closer to getting set. Right now, the Chicago Cubs still have their first round pick – Milton Bradley was a “Type B” free agent, so the […]

Bradley, Abreu and Dunn OH MY!

The Chicago Cubs are looking for a left-handed bat for right field, preferably one with pop. Among the logical choices on the market are the presumptive favorite (Milton Bradley), the guy who will get way too much money (Bobby Abreu), and the guy that probably couldn’t play RF anyway (Adam Dunn). The Sporting News caught […]


Adding Peavy and Bradley Would Make Cubs… 2nd Best?

The Chicago Cubs are expected to announce the signing of outfielder/crazy guy/great hitter Milton Bradley sometime next week; and with the trade of Mark DeRosa to the Cleveland Indians for three pitching prospects, it should be universally accepted that they are looking at resuming talks with the Padres about Jake Peavy. With two additions like […]