Carlos Zambrano Has a Huge Mustache, and Other Less Important First Day Stuff

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Carlos Zambrano Has a Huge Mustache, and Other Less Important First Day Stuff

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carlos-zambrano-mustacheJust look at it. Behold it. Is there any doubt that this year is going to be special? Or at least porntastic?

Bruce Miles hooks us up hooks us up with lots of tidbits from the first day at big league camp, including this mini-bombshell:

[Zambrano]’s still looking into the possibility of having laser surgery on his right eye. That hasn’t happened yet, partially because he’s using eyedrops for an infection. The problem, according to Big Z, is that the shape of the eye area in question is more “like a football” and not rounded. He said any such surgery could keep him out two weeks. Along those lines, he said he is not planning on playing for Venezuela in the World Baseball Classic.

Apparently the fact that he didn’t have the surgery in Janauary as previously-reported was a surprise to the Cubs. Wow. I mean. Dude. Tell your employer about that stuff. That’s good about the WBC, though.

A few more after the jump.

Quick hits:

Alfonso Soriano is still expected to lead off. I know, I know. Don’t shoot the messenger.

Zambrano may not be the Opening Day starter for the first time in several years.

Kosuke Fukudome won’t be around for another month due to the WBC. It’s ok, of all the Cubs, he’s clearly the one in need of the least amount of work. Lulz.


Author: Brett Taylor

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