If You Want a "Serious" Season Preview

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If You Want a “Serious” Season Preview

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cublogoverseAs I mentioned, while creating our excellent series of “Why X Team Will Suck” articles, we aren’t that big on creating full-blown, series team previews. Usually, they’re not well done, or aren’t interesting enough to hold our attention (I just realized I was using the royal “we” there… sorry).

Well, I also mentioned an exception. Our (royal “our”) friends at Sharapova’s Thigh have been creating excellent previews for every team in baseball. Quite an onerous task, and quite well done.

Excellently, and just in time for the season, they’ve put together a Cubs preview. It’s worth a read: Sharapova’s Thigh: Where They Stand: Chicago Cubs.

The best part of the season previews they do at the Thigh? They choose the hottest woman (thigh) associated with the team. From the Cubs preview:

Hottest Thigh Association: Marisa Miller.

The former SI swimsuit model has thrown out the first pitch at Wrigley field and has also sung the 7th inning stretch. There were photos all over the net of her last year in her Cubs jersey. She is a huge sports fan and has expressed interest in becoming a sportscaster. I’m not sure if she is an actual fan of the team or not, but she is hot, so check her out.

Excellent. This actually dovetails nicely with a new feature we’ll be rolling out this season: Series She-views (ok, maybe we’ll just call them Series Previews… or She-ries Previews. If you’ve got a better suggestion, bring it.). Instead of previewing every single game of the year – you can get that anywhere – we’ll be previewing each series. But more importantly, each team will be represented by a lovely lady, tangentially associated with that team. And representing the Cubs all season long? You guessed it. Miss Marissa Miller.


Author: Brett Taylor

Brett Taylor is the Editor and Lead Writer at Bleacher Nation, and you can find him on Twitter at @BleacherNation and @Brett_A_Taylor.