OMG Adrian Gonzalez: The Red Sox Might Make a Push

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OMG Adrian Gonzalez: The Red Sox Might Make a Push

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While many teams would no doubt be interested in acquiring Padres first baseman Adrian Gonzalez should he come on the market, very few teams have actually been rumored as interested. The Chicago Cubs are one. Another? The Boston Red Sox.

The Red Sox could have extended themselves to match or outbid the Tigers on Victor Martinez, so there’s no doubt they are saving their shekels for a bigger splash. It’s likely to be San Diego first baseman Adrian Gonzalez, who would increase interest, put up huge numbers at Fenway Park, and make everyone forget they lost one of the great values on the free agent market in Martinez.

Gonzalez may be recovering from shoulder surgery, but all indications are that it shouldn’t prevent him from getting some spring training time. The Boston Globe.

While the Red Sox do have one of the best group of MLB-ready prospects in baseball, the Cubs could probably compete head-to-head on a good offer. Still, the Red Sox might be willing and able to offer a more lucrative extension, something Gonzalez might know – which might make him less likely to sign on long-term with the Cubs if he’s conditionally dealt to them pending the team’s ability to negotiate a long-term deal (something that any team trading for Gonzalez is going to want to do).

If you’re hoping for Gonzalez, you might be best served crossing your fingers for a Red Sox/Justin Upton trade. The young, stud outfielder is available, and the Red Sox are the most-heavily mentioned suitor. If the team lands Upton, they’ll probably no longer have the ammo San Diego is looking for in exchange for Gonzalez.


Author: Brett Taylor

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