The Cubs Sent Chris Archer to the Rays Because of the Texas Rangers

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The Cubs Sent Chris Archer to the Rays Because of the Texas Rangers

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Some more details on how the Matt Garza trade played out, and why it came to fruition when it did. It sounds like it wasn’t the Cubs turning up the heat, but instead, another team. And that’s what caused the Cubs to finally accede to the Rays’ demands for at least the inclusion of top pitching prospect Chris Archer.

The teams had been talking for months, but the deal came together quickly this week, said. The Rays pressed the action by saying they had another suitor, and the Cubs, who had been reluctant, agreed to give up Archer. St. Petersburg Times.

That other team? The Texas Rangers.

Gammons said the Rangers tried to get catcher Robinson Chirinos from the Cubs and package him in a deal along with pitchers Derek Holland and Frank Francisco, and Minor League outfielder Engel Beltre.

But the Rays preferred what they were getting from Chicago because the Cubs were willing to put pitcher Chris Archer in the deal. A source said the Rays were close to doing business with the Rangers, but told the Cubs they could get Garza if they included Archer in the deal.

The Cubs huddled and decided to do the deal. If they had said no, the Rangers would have added Garza to the rotation. The Rays ultimately really wanted Archer. Texas Rangers Blog.

Does this color your view of the trade? On the one hand, I like that the Cubs, faced with the risk of losing out on Garza, sacked up and made the deal. On the other hand, this series of events confirms to me that the Cubs really did pay full asking price for Garza. Contend as you may that they had no other choice, but it still sticks in my craw a little bit to learn that the Rays got every inch of what they wanted for Garza, and they got it from the Cubs.

In the end, it will probably prove better to have done the deal than to have not. If that is how things play out, we’ll all have the Texas Rangers to thank.


Author: Brett Taylor

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