Nobody Criticizes Mike Quade Anymore and Other Bullets

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Nobody Criticizes Mike Quade Anymore and Other Bullets

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Ironically, if Carlos Zambrano hadn’t given up the grand slam to Placido Polanco in the top of the seventh, Roy Halladay may have stuck in the game much longer, and may have shut out the Cubs. I probably would have felt better today if that were the case.

  • In the comments last night, I suggested that Mike Quade was going to be punished in the media for his indefensible decision to leave Carlos Zambrano out to dry in the 7th inning last night, after walking three (one intentional) to load the bases, and then giving up what proved to be the game-winning grand slam on his 128th pitch. How foolish of me not to realize that, when given the choice between correctly questioning Quade and bashing Zambrano, some folks will always choose the latter.
  • All anyone got from Quade? “I had to try to push him through the seventh, given our situation.” He’s referring to the bullpen, which was stretched thin from the extra inning game the night before. The fact that the bullpen ultimately DID get through the rest of the game with no problem (leaving, for example, Kerry Wood unused – and Wood didn’t even pitch on Thursday) appeared to be of no moment to anyone with a microphone. How could EVERYONE have let Quade off the hook like that? Are they so afraid of losing their access? Or do they not realize that Quade has become a serial offender with respect to leaving obviously-gassed pitchers out far longer than they should be? Or have they just given up?
  • Only Gordon Wittenmyer even suggested that Quade left Zambrano in too long … in the midst of a recap focused almost solely on bashing Zambrano.
  • Ok, enough ranting. You need some good news: Angel Guzman threw two scoreless innings yesterday at Peoria, striking out two and not allowing a baserunner. Even if he continues to be perfect, I doubt you’ll see him any time before the All Star break, but, considering the long odds he was given, coming back any time this year would be huge.
  • Randy Wells attributes his struggles since returning from the DL to a sinker that won’t yet sink. He’s hoping to have it back by his next start.
  • Reed Johnson and Jeff Baker are tentatively expected back on Monday.
  • Phil Rogers says the free agent compensation system is broken, primarily because top teams are getting extra early picks when they lose middling free agents. My response? They get those picks only if they offer arbitration to that middling free agent, who then declines, opting instead for a more luxurious deal elsewhere. Middling?
  • Speaking of draft picks, “tough sign” Trevor Gretsky may sign with the Cubs after all. Here’s hoping the Cubs had a good sense that he might sign after working him out privately, and then using their 7th pick on him.


Author: Brett Taylor

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