Andrew Cashner Could Finally Throw Again and Other Bullets

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Andrew Cashner Could Finally Throw Again and Other Bullets

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I can’t really fault Mike Quade for going to Carlos Marmol in the 9th last night after Ryan Dempster gave up a leadoff double, despite Dempster’s low pitch count. Marmol is much more likely to get a couple strikeouts, which is critical in preventing a run from scoring from second with no outs.

  • Cubs’ GM Jim Hendry all but conceded yesterday that the team is now planning for 2012, rather than trying to win in 2011: “The state of the game is that you can turn things around in a shorter time than you used to. We’ve done that before. Different clubs contend that weren’t a few years ago. Unfortunately we’re on the other end of things. We’ve got to put our noses to the grindstone and get to work, make some good decisions in the offseason and move forward.” More on the rest of what Hendry had to say soon.
  • Andrew Cashner could fiiiiinally be throwing again by this weekend. He’s set to see team doctor Stephen Gryzlo today, and, if all looks good, the Cubs could chart a course for a throwing program. Hendry said he expects Cashner to pitch again this year, but cautioned that the team will do what’s best for his future.
  • Marlon Byrd says he’s felt so good in his few days at AAA Iowa that, if he still feels good tomorrow, he’ll try to be back in Chicago by Saturday.
  • Doug Davis, who was released yesterday, earned the 10 years of service time necessary to secure his Major League pension this past weekend. Coincidence? Probably not.
  • Prince Fielder is willing to consider a DH gig next year, which preserves some bidders for his services. Though it’s no surprise that he would say something like that, it would be a surprise if he actually accepts a DH gig.
  • Bruce Bochy on why he selected Mike Quade for the All Star coaching staff: “I think you look at everything. I wanted to invite somebody who has not been . . . and my coaches know him very well. I’ve spoken with Mike a little bit. . . . They played well in our division last year when we needed a little bit of help. But more importantly, I just wanted to ask somebody who hasn’t been.” Pity invite.


Author: Brett Taylor

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