Weeping at What Might Have Been and Other Bullets

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Weeping at What Might Have Been and Other Bullets

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With their win last night, the Chicago Cubs are 5-0 post-trade deadline. Just a few more weeks and Mike Quade and Jim Hendry will have secured their return in 2012, AMIRITE? Hooray, beer!

  • If that picture makes you deeply wistful, and ultimately sad, you’re not alone. That’s the “dream rotation” the Cubs put together before the 2004 season. It was Halladay/Lee/Oswalt/Hamels/Whoever before H/L/O/H/W was H/L/O/H/W. Matt Clement, now a high school basketball coach, took in the game last night with his sons, and reflected on his time with the Cubs. Seriously, I can barely stand looking at that picture; thinking of what might have been.
  • Can’t sign ’em all: it looks like the Cubs will not be signing 12th round pick, lefty Jacob Lindgren, who intends to honor his commitment to Mississippi State. That it came this close to the deadline (but not right at the deadline) suggests to me that he wasn’t a kid that the Cubs felt they just had to have after they’ve locked up their preferred picks. They probably made him a best and final offer, but didn’t want him so much that they were willing to take negotiations to the deadline. Look at me being all optimistic…
  • Speaking of kids the Cubs feel they just have to have, top prep pitcher Dillon Maples, drafted by the Cubs in the 14th round (though he was a first round talent), has been enrolled at summer school at UNC since mid-June, which can’t help the Cubs’ chances. I can only imagine how much money you would have had to throw at me to get me to give up college after being there for a couple months. At least it’s summer school, and most of the co-eds won’t be there. Also helpful? Football coach Butch Davis was canned, and Maples was supposed to be a kicker on the team (in addition to pitching for the baseball team). I’m still hopeful.
  • Bruce Miles tells a funny story about Bob Davidson, who ejected Tyler Colvin and Mike Quade the other night (for a whole lotta nothin’): “Many years back, I was flying out of Phoenix after a Cubs-Diamondbacks series. Davidson was sitting across the aisle from and one row ahead of me and trying to go to sleep as it was a morning flight after a night game. Two fans were talking a balk from the night before. Don’t know if ‘Balking Bob’ called the balk or not, but the fans went on for a few minutes. Clearly annoyed, Davidson roused himself, turned to the fans and said, ‘He didn’t come to a discernible stop!’ True story.”
  • Marlon Byrd collected his 1,000 career hit last night. All he’s gotta do now is play until he’s 50, and 3,000 will be his.
  • For perspective on the Cubs’ amazing five-game winning streak: if the Brewers play .500 ball over the next 30 games, the Cubs would have to win *ALL 30* of those games just to tie the Brewers. Just trying to keep us all grounded.
  • Last time (probably) I’ll remind you (because my understanding is that today is the deadline): if you haven’t already, please consider nominating Bleacher Nation for “Best Team-Specific Site” *here*. Any other nominations would be appreciated (including if there are other sites/people you’d like to nominate).


Author: Brett Taylor

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