The (First) Carlos Zambrano Bullets

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The (First) Carlos Zambrano Bullets

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There are other things to discuss, but, for right now, there are so many Carlos Zambrano-related bullets that it merited its own post…

  • The mini-recap: Carlos Zambrano was ejected last night after twice throwing at Chipper Jones in “retaliation” for the Braves hitting back-to-back homers off of him (and for an earlier Jones homer). After his ejection, Zambrano packed up his locker, left the ballpark before the game was over, and told people in the clubhouse he was “retiring.” Shortly thereafter, Cubs’ GM Jim Hendry said that the Cubs will honor Z’s wishes and accept his retirement.
  • Mike Quade, as you might expect, was angry. “I’m really disappointed,” Quade said after the game. “His locker is empty. I don’t know where he’s at. He walked out on 24 guys that are battling their asses off for him. I don’t know where he’s gone or what he’s doing. I heard he has retired, or talking about retiring. I can’t have a guy walking out on 24 guys, that’s for damn sure.”
  • Quade went on: “I figured he has just decided he has had enough. I have too much respect for the rest of the guys in this room to worry. It’s on him now, and whatever he wants to do, whatever he’s going to do, I guess he has made up his mind because he didn’t stick around and tell anybody about it.”
  • Aramis Ramirez on Zambrano, his longest-tenured teammate: “I’ve never seen that before, someone just get pissed off and leave and retire. I’ve been around for awhile. Even with him, players don’t do that.” Ramirez said, though, that Zambrano would be welcomed back because “sometimes he just loses it.”
  • Marlon Byrd doesn’t sound like a guy who desperately wants Zambrano back: “He’s retiring? Well, then that means he has had enough. People retire for certain reasons. They’re done with the game. If that’s the case, I wish him well. I don’t know. I have no clue. He has talked about it before .… I guess we’ll see [Saturday]. If he doesn’t show up, we might not see him again …. Hopefully the rumors about him retiring aren’t true and he can come back [Saturday] and we can talk about it.”
  • Geovany Soto called it, simply, “shocking.”
  • Zambrano’s agent, Barry Praver, has not made himself available for comment. I’m thinking his Friday night and weekend were massively ruined.


Author: Brett Taylor

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