Mike Quade Probably Goes, Crane Kenney and Tim Wilken Probably Stay, and Other Bullets

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Mike Quade Probably Goes, Crane Kenney and Tim Wilken Probably Stay, and Other Bullets

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Jim Hendry ends his run as the Chicago Cubs’ GM at 749-748, which is almost certainly not a coincidence (in terms of the timing). And, I’d say it sums up his tenure rather well – just about average on a team that didn’t spend like average.

  • If you thought Mike Quade would be reluctant to play kids or players at developmental positions before, you better believe he’ll only get more stodgy now. I fully expect a new GM to come in and bring in “his own” guy, but Quade – like last year – has about a month and a half to put together the best possible body of work. That means more wins. I suspect that, no matter what happens, it won’t be enough. Feel free to dust off your “Sandberg for Manager” signs, if you are so inclined. I remain uncertain on that one.
  • Cubs’ President Crane Kenney – unlike Hendry and Quade – is likely to survive the front office turnover. Tom Ricketts is a big fan of Kenney on the business side (Kenney has never been very involved in baseball operations), and sounds very likely to choose for him to stay on board. “The way it works around here, and maybe it wasn’t the way it worked a couple of years ago, is Crane is the team president and he’s responsible for the business operations,” Ricketts said. “The GM reports to me and is responsible for the baseball operations. On the business side, we’ve also made a handful of changes over the past year and a half, and they’ve been very, very positive. Crane is doing a good job in the role he has today, which is running the business of the team. And in terms of accountability, he has accountability. He knows that if something happens on the business side that doesn’t go right … he knows he’s wearing it. And I think he’s up for that challenge.” So long as Kenney stays in a “business” role, I suppose it’s a “fine, whatever” situation. I’d still prefer the Cubs had a “baseball” president, but I suppose that’s not Kenney’s fault.
  • Interim GM Randy Bush has authority to pursue waiver trades, on which he would work closely with Ricketts. He says he would love to stay on in some capacity when the new GM comes in, but he understands that it will be up to the new guy.
  • I mentioned in yesterday’s stream of consciousness updates that Tom Ricketts wants Scouting Director Tim Wilken to stay on board (though the decision will ultimately be up to the new GM). Well, a source tells me that Wilken wants to stay on board, too. Gee, who could have suspected that Wilken wouldn’t just up and quit? “I know it’s hard to find any job in a big league front office, let alone as the Scouting Director for a team with resources like the Cubs, and I know I just spent six years building an organization the way I want it, but you fired my boss, so I quit. I’m logical like that.”
  • Lance Berkman is making excuses for the back-to-back triples the Cardinals gave up yesterday. “I didn’t miss it by much, but that step cost me,” Berkman said. “I went to just catch it, but my foot slipped. I took a big divot. After that, that was it. This is a terrible place. This is probably [one of] the top five worst places to play defense. It’s a bad surface. You can’t see. It’s tough. It’s unfortunate [the triples] happened on back-to-back plays.” Always a classy guy, that Lance.
  • Here is Hendry discussing his dismissal (and the link if the embedded video won’t play for you (MLB videos = not Mac friendly)):


  • And, for those who want to watch Ricketts discuss the Hendry dismissal, here’s the video (and the link if the embedded video won’t play for you):


Author: Brett Taylor

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