Aramis Ramirez Wants a Multiyear Extension and Other Bullets

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Aramis Ramirez Wants a Multiyear Extension and Other Bullets

Chicago Cubs News

It’s going to be a massive bullet kind of day. You’ve got 10 bullets here, and there’s a big Obsessive Cubs GM Watch bullet-dump coming your way later this morning.

  • Aramis Ramirez is looking for a multiyear extension if he’s going to stay with the Cubs. But, as noted previously, his return status remains very much up in the air until the new GM and his vision for 2012 are in place.
  • Andrew Cashner needed just 10 pitches to complete his perfect inning of work last night at AAA Iowa. Of the 10 pitches, seven touched 98 or 99, and Cashner felt good about the outing. “I was looking for location more than velocity,” Cashner said. “The velocity has always been there. I was moving it in and out. It was good.” He’s expected to rejoin the Cubs later this weekend, and will pitch out of the pen for the rest of the season before heading to the Arizona Fall League to start the process of stretching out.
  • Ryne Sandberg said some interesting things in a recent interview. “I have aspirations to get to the big leagues with the Phillies in some capacity, that’s just human nature,” Sandberg said. “But if the opportunity came and somebody wanted me to manage their club or be a coach for their major league team then I’d listen. I feel like I’m getting all the necessary experience to be ready for that opportunity.” Think he’s not keenly aware of what’s going on in Chicago?
  • Holy smokes: someone is offering $1.2 billion *in cash* to buy the Los Angeles Dodgers, which would be the most an MLB franchise has ever been sold for. Some question the legitimacy of the bid, however, and wonder whether it’s part of a larger ploy by current owner Frank McCourt to spur other bidders or extend the life of his ownership through bankruptcy proceedings. For what it’s worth, the Cubs (and Wrigley Field and a 25% stake in CSN Chicago) cost the Ricketts family about $850 million. And people thought the Ricketts overpaid. Harrumph.
  • Everything has changed in the Cubs’ world in the last two months, and a lot more is going to change over the next two. There’s nothing you don’t already know in that article, but it was an interesting sum-up.
  • The Cubs’ season in quotes.
  • Folks are discussing the Cubs’ first base situation for 2012 on the BN Message Board.
  • I won’t link to it because I’m not going to give the guy traffic on this one, but Steve Rosenbloom is such a douche. His latest effort slams Tom Ricketts – using childish name-calling, to boot (be proud of him, Trib) – in a stream-of-consciousness, non-sensical, rambling pile of excrement. And this kind of reaction to his lazy, hostile, contrarian writing is exactly what he wants. So, again, no link. Don’t even read it. Just take my word for it.
  • On a brighter note, the Kerry Wood Family Foundation is conducting a silent auction for the next couple weeks, and at least one of the items is pretty sweet: it’s Geovany Soto’s mask – the one that was kicked by Ozzie Guillen – signed by both Soto and Guillen. That’s just awesome.
  • Derrek Lee, who’s in town but on the DL with the Pirates, does his best to break my heart. “Playing with Marlins was great, but with the Cubs, it’s where I feel I came into my own,” Lee said. “It wasn’t perfect. I felt like we had some chances to win there. It didn’t work out. But I loved my time in the city. Great fans, great teammates, so it was good.”


Author: Brett Taylor

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