The Albert Pujols Talk is About to Kick Up and Other Bullets

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The Albert Pujols Talk is About to Kick Up and Other Bullets

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Congratulations to Darwin Barney, who just became a father for the second time over. Just remember the lesson I’ve been unable to live: “parents, don’t let your children grow up to be Cubs fans.” Eh. Maybe things will be different over the next 50 years.

  • With the Cardinals out of the race now, and his impending free agency inching closer, the Albert Pujols talk is going to be starting soon. The Cardinals offered Albert Pujols around nine years and $195 to $210 million in the offseason, according to various reports. It sounds like Pujols was happy about the nine years part, but not too happy about the $22/23 million average annual value. If the Cubs are even going to consider making a run at Pujols, he’ll have to decide on one or the other: huge number of years, or huge annual amount. He isn’t going to get both, at least not from the Cubs. On a large market team like the Cubs, there’s a case to be made for offering something like $30 million per year, but for no more than five years.
  • The Sun-Times ponders whether the Cubs should take a year off in 2012 and fully rebuild (which means no Pujols, and no Prince Fielder, for that matter), and whether fans would still come out to see a rebuilding club in Chicago. The Sun-Times’ sampling of three fans proved inconclusive.
  • Andrew Cashner didn’t get into last night’s game, which means he’ll go at least four days between outings. I know last night’s game was just *critical* to win, but it probably would have been a good idea to get Cashner some work.
  • Bill Buckner wouldn’t mind managing the Chicago Cubs some day. To start, he’d like to take the reigns at the Cubs’ low-A affiliate, the Boise Hawks. Current Hawks manager Mark Johnson is probably not pleased. He’s also probably not pleased because the Hawks were eliminated from the playoffs yesterday.
  • The Cubs and Mesa are still trying to finalize plans for the non-baseball part of the Wrigleyville West Spring Training complex (actually, it’s the part that abuts up next to what will officially be known as Wrigleyville). Waveyard Development, LLC was going to build a big sports-themed resort, but couldn’t get financing. A version of the resort still might happen, but, if you’ve got a couple hundred million you’d like to throw around, I reckon the Cubs and Mesa will jump on board.
  • Rejoice: the Cubs and Pabst have reached an agreement to keep Old Style beer at Wrigley Field for at least the next two years. No one understands better than a Cubs fan the importance of tradition over taste.


Author: Brett Taylor

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