CubsCon Friday Afternoon: "This Has Never Happened to Me Before" (UPDATES)

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CubsCon Friday Afternoon: “This Has Never Happened to Me Before” (UPDATES)

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I have just arrived at the 2012 Cubs Convention, and, like, whoa. So many Cubs fans all geeked out with smiles from ear to ear. Awesome.

Getting here was – as air travel too frequently is – a pain. The weather has been crap, so you expect a little delay. An hour? OK, fine. More than I’d like, but, I can deal. What you don’t expect? The jet bridge at your landing gate to break as your plane starts to deboard. Not only did the jet bridge break – it irreparably broke. In the pilot’s words: “This has never happened to me before.”

Here’s hoping that becomes the theme (in a good way) for the weekend.

I’m guessing I’ll keep updating this post as the day goes on, until/unless there’s actually news, which will require a new post. Hard to say, because I can already tell that there’s so much going on here, it might be hard to step away and write up a full post.

Also, Darwin Barney says hello:

Update 1: Wow, my first reader recognition. Thanks to Jason from NW Indiana (who’s here with his friends, including one in sweet Cubs PJs) for making my weekend. And for being a generally cool dude.

Update 2: I totally just thought I saw Dale Sveum. But it was just a bald guy. Oops.

Update 3: It was an early morning for us, so the Wife needed a power nap. Like a doofus, I didn’t realize the exhibition halls aren’t open until 3pm anyway. People are really starting to stream in now.

Update 4: Met some more folks, including Mike from Wrigleyville who’s taking his mom to the Convention, which is pretty cool. Hanging in the exceedingly crowded grand ballroom right now awaiting the kickoff. Pictures on Twitter and Facebook.

Update 5: Just got done with the Opening Ceremonies. Very cool to see all the Cubs old and new, and, of course, the front office. Headed down to Kitty O’Shea’s for a bit, and then to see Theo and Jed, and then back to the bar.


Author: Brett Taylor

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