Ambition Exceeds Grasp and Other Bullets

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Ambition Exceeds Grasp and Other Bullets

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The Cubs Convention is a bit too fast and furious for me to cover as live as I thought I might (in part, I’ll admit, because I’m a fan, and I’m having a great time – and I’ve already met so many awesome people), so I probably won’t be able to do much in the way of a round-up until after the event. But, I don’t want to shirk my duties entirely, so here is a quick set of Bullets…

  • Starlin Castro, who did appear last night during the Opening Ceremonies of CubsCon, met with police late Thursday night for his long-awaited interview about sexual assault allegations dated back to September. Castro offered a statement on the matter, which is as much as he can do right now: “I personally, and through my attorneys, have fully cooperated with the police in this matter. Unfortunately I cannot address the matter further at this time while the investigation is taking place. I understand that being a member of the Cubs means being a hard worker on the field and a good citizen off the field, and I always want to carry myself in a way that exceeds high expectations.”
  • The Cubs are set to sign utility player Alfredo Amazega to a minor league deal, about which, more later in the weekend/early next week.
  • The Yankees traded Jesus Montero, together with a prospect, to the Mariners for Michael Pineda, which is a bit of a bummer, because: (1) it definitely takes the Yankees out of the Matt Garza market, and (2) that’s not really a huge return for Pineda, who might have more trade value than Garza.
  • Speaking of Garza, he – who last night touched my friend’s shoulder, who then touched my shoulder (transitive swoon!) – he says he’s not too bothered by all of the trade rumors. “I really don’t pay attention,” Garza said Friday. “I’ve got way too many things going on. I work out three to four hours a day, and I’ve got three kids, and two go to school and I’m busy, busy, busy. Most of my focus is on getting ready for February.” And Theo Epstein continued to do the complimentary, but kinda “selling” thing: “He’s a rare, rare commodity — a top of the rotation type starter who has proven it in the [American League] East, he’s proven it last year,” Epstein said. “He’s playoff proven. He’s a guy who, when he has the ball, our team thinks we’ll win that day and that’s important.”
  • Buster Olney keeps attaching the Cubs’ name to Prince Fielder rumors, which I almost don’t even want to mention. It’s very, very hard to see the Cubs having any interest at all in Fielder at this point, but I suppose if he came on a ridiculously team-friendly deal, the Cubs would have to listen. I don’t see that happening, obviously.


Author: Brett Taylor

Brett Taylor is the Editor and Lead Writer at Bleacher Nation, and you can find him on Twitter at @BleacherNation and @Brett_A_Taylor.