Did You Know the Cubs Owe the Red Sox Compensation? and Other Bullets

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Did You Know the Cubs Owe the Red Sox Compensation? and Other Bullets

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It looks like the rumors today will have a decidedly Cuban flavor, but we’ll get to that in a little bit. Until then, another familiar topic…

  • The Boston media continues to do what I suppose we expect them to do: beat the drum for the Red Sox to get an absurd level of compensation for the one year of Theo Epstein that the team lost (to a promotion, which was unavailable with the Red Sox). Nick Cafardo rightly notes that the fact that the circus has taken this long to be settled is nearly indefensible, but then bizarrely concludes that, because it’s taken so long, “it must mean the Sox will end up with a decent player.” To me, that’s, like, the opposite conclusion to draw from how things have played out.
  • Cafardo runs through a bunch of names as compensation that range from the hilarious (Travis Wood, Brett Jackson, Anthony Rizzo, Javier Baez, Dillon Maples) to the tough-to-stomach (Matt Szczur, Trey McNutt, Josh Vitters, Junior Lake, Jeff Samardzija, James Russell) to the really-you’d-want-that-guy-? (Reed Johnson). A good, but not top 10, prospect, and a hunk of cash. That’s what it should be. Cafardo believes it will be settled before the start of Spring Training, which has always seemed a highly logical end point. (As an aside, the chance that it’s a just-signed free agent like Reed Johnson seems inordinately small – Johnson just signed with the Cubs, and he did so for a reason. I have a hard time believing Bud Selig is going to rip a guy from the team he just chose to sign with to send him to some other team because of a compensation fight wholly unrelated to that player (at least not without the player’s permission).)
  • I meant to write about this earlier, but Keith Law recently chatted about all things prospects, and offered a few interesting bits: (1) Law doesn’t find Gerardo Concepcion all that impressive, (2) Law is still optimistic about Trey McNutt, (3) Ronald Torreyes doesn’t have a big league player’s physique, (4) Law doesn’t want to think much of Dan Vogelbach as a prospect until he can get to AA, still hit, and still be fit enough to play, and (5) Law thinks Junior Lake won’t be a legitimate prospect until “someone teaches him how to play baseball.”
  • Carrie Muskat previews the Cubs’ Spring Training.
  • A sweet, but sad, story about a peanut vendor outside Wrigley Field who recently passed away.
  • I wrote my first MLBullets for BleedCubbieBlue this morning, with a look at the Pirates’ apparent desire for AJ Burnett, Jose Canseco’s come-back effort, and the Cardinals’ prospects for 2012, among other things.


Author: Brett Taylor

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