The Chicago Cubs Have Too Many Pitchers and Other Bullets

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The Chicago Cubs Have Too Many Pitchers and Other Bullets

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Of course that headline is an exaggeration. Bullets…

  • The rotation decision remains so difficult (except, perhaps, the Jeff Samardzija part of it – more on that in a bit) that the Cubs have had to add a “B” game today, in which Randy Wells will get the start against the Indians. Travis Wood will start in today’s regular Cactus League game. Each start could be the last one the guys get before Dale Sveum makes his decision.
  • Tony Campana was relieved to finally get a Spring hit, though it could be a little too late, with Joe Mather running away with the 5th outfielder/last bench job. “I really needed a game like this,” Campana said. “I kind of came out and maybe pressed a little bit too much. Everybody had been patting me on the back and telling me, ‘It’s all right,’ But every day you don’t get a hit you’re like, ‘Man, it’s got to come soon.’”
  • Ian Stewart, who’s been dealing with a sore quad, is expected to return to game action on Tuesday.
  • Rafael Dolis is “likely” to make the bullpen, Dale Sveum has said. Dolis, 24, has been in the Cubs’ system since 2006, but was only just converted to a full-time reliever last year. His Minor League numbers don’t really blow you away, but scouts and Cubs’ management have always said that, when you see him in person, he’s a very impressive pitcher. Let’s hope so.
  • The Cubs’ young outfielders are enjoying their Spring around the old guys. Everyone seems to agree that Brett Jackson is just about ready to produce in the bigs, but could stand to work on his two-strike approach, and work on cutting down his swing-and-misses in advance of those two-strike counts.
  • A day after it was reported that Mike Maddux said he would have brought his brother Greg on board as the pitching coach if he’d got the Cubs’ managerial job, Maddux reversed course and said that isn’t true. Greg also denied the story. Weird. It doesn’t really matter now.
  • Low expectations for the Cubs could provide a bit of cover for Dale Sveum, if the Cubs are indeed terrible this year.
  • Fluff on infielder Adrian Cardenas, who is unlikely to win a roster spot at this point, thanks in large part to Sveum’s apparent preference for Blake DeWitt.
  • Kerry Wood wouldn’t say who his favorite teammate of all-time is, but two guys he mentioned at the top of the list are Moises Alou and Mark Grace.
  • MLBullets over at BCB, considering, among other things, Andy Pettitte’s return to baseball.


Author: Brett Taylor

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