The Seventh Cut is the Acceptable-ist: B. Jackson, Rizzo, Cardenas, J. Jackson, Adduci, Scales

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The Seventh Cut is the Acceptable-ist: B. Jackson, Rizzo, Cardenas, J. Jackson, Adduci, Scales

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I know there will still be some folks sad to see Brett Jackson and Anthony Rizzo cut from big league camp, despite the repeated, firm statements from Cubs’ management that the two top prospects would not make the team out of Spring Training. But I’m not one of them.

Today the Cubs sent the duo to Minor League camp (AAA). This was the right move, and it was time. I look forward to watching the two tear it up in AAA for a few months, and the we’ll see what’s what.

Adrian Cardenas, Jay Jackson, James Adduci, and Bobby Scales also got cut today, and none of the three was a surprise.

Cardenas came to camp with a chance to win a bench spot, if not a starting job. He hit adequately, and his defense was reportedly decent, but he was – in Dale Sveum’s mind – outshined by Blake DeWitt. He’ll probably be the primary second baseman at Iowa for now, and he’s a great guy to have down there, waiting his turn.

Jay Jackson turned in a great Spring, and he may have won himself a job in the Iowa rotation, unless the Cubs decide his future will be best as a reliever. After a couple disappointing years, it would be nice to see that spark once again from Jackson.

Adduci is approaching career Minor Leaguer status, and will roam the outfield somewhere in the upper levels of the Minors for the Cubs this year, and then perhaps for another organization next year. Scales is a Minor League vet who earned some green in Japan recently, and might be getting ready to start a coaching career soon.

(The Cubs have sent out guys one-by-one at times, so this might not actually be the “seventh” cut. I’m estimating, slightly.)


Author: Brett Taylor

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