For the First Time, Tom Ricketts Acknowledges the Possibility of Cubs Leaving Wrigley Field

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For the First Time, Tom Ricketts Acknowledges the Possibility of Cubs Leaving Wrigley Field

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respect wrigleyToday at a presentation at the Chicago City Club, Chicago Cubs Chairman and Owner Tom Ricketts revealed the latest renovation plans, which will be submitted to the Chicago Planned Development process today. Included in those plans are the Cubs’ requirements for outfield signage, which was discussed this morning.

In his comments, Ricketts dropped a bit of a bomb, as tweeted by those in attendance: if the renovation plans, including the signage, are not approved, the Cubs will have to consider moving from Wrigley Field.

This is a very, very significant moment, because it’s the first time Ricketts has ever even acknowledged the possibility, however slight, of having to leave Wrigley Field. Indeed, Ricketts had previously, at every turn, gone out of his way to take that possibility completely off of the table.

To be clear, it is still extraordinarily unlikely, and I don’t think it’s any kind of sign that there is a fear that the approval process will be a problem. (Remember, the Cubs went through months of battling with the Mayor and the Alderman to craft this very plan, so there’s no real reason to believe it won’t eventually be approved.)

But the gauntlet has finally been thrown down to the constituencies that benefit from and surround Wrigley Field: if the Cubs don’t get what they need, they may finally have to move.

In other words, don’t hold this process up. Give the Cubs what they want.

UPDATE: In the breakout session with the media, Ricketts walked it back a little bit:


Author: Brett Taylor

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