Well, I Had a Nice Time at the 100th Anniversary Game (Mostly)

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Well, I Had a Nice Time at the 100th Anniversary Game (Mostly)

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If I can pretend that the 9th inning of Wednesday’s game didn’t happen – and, in a year or so, when I remember the game fondly (in a head shaking, can-you-believe-it kind of way), I will mostly do just that – I really had a nice time at the Cubs’ 100th Anniversary/Birthday Party for Wrigley Field. The Cubs went all out with old-timey fun, and the area was packed with fans some three hours before the game. For a chilly Wednesday day game in April, that ain’t too shabby.

For those who weren’t able to follow along on social media, here are some pictures and nice things from the day.

The 500 feet may have been an exaggeration, but here’s the thing: that was just the first line I saw. It was easily the shortest one. Everyone wanted the cupcake (I did not get one) and the Chi-Feds jersey (pictured below, and pretty awesome).

There was a line to see the cake, and to get close like that for a picture. I completely jumped the line, but it was entirely unintentional – when I’m in “picture” mode, I’m kind of just walking quickly and snapping shots. I didn’t see there was a line until I’d already walked through a barrier and right up to the glass. Sorry! I’m very important!

Ernie Banks was introduced soon thereafter, and he drew the loudest cheer.

(at which point everyone on Twitter reminded me that the logo is there on warmup and BP balls all year, not just that day)

And a bunch of additional pictures from the day:

Sincerely, it was a well-done event – that’s why you don’t really hear anybody crapping on it (just the aftermath).


Author: Brett Taylor

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