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Twitter Features Prominently and Other Bullets

Chicago Cubs News

twitterThe Little Boy is back on his feet – not literally, since he has no interest in walking yet, apparently – and back at school today. Prepare to be overwhelmed by my pent up desire to write about anything and everything all day long without interruption.

  • Ricky Renteria was understandably disappointed with the Cubs’ approach against spot-starter Hector Noesi last night ( Not a lot of pitches seen, relatively-speaking, and not a lot of hard contact.
  • Mike Olt has been struggling lately, but the Cubs are standing behind the third baseman, and still have hopes that he’ll break out, as he looked like he might back in Spring Training. (, CSN)
  • The Twitters lost their mind for 10 minutes yesterday after Kris Bryant left Tennesee’s game early. Injury? Promotion? Nope. Just a stomach bug. Booooooring. (And that’s fine with me.)
  • Speaking of Tennessee, Jose Veras (oblique strain) threw his first rehab outing there yesterday, with a scoreless frame. He struck out one, and, more importantly, threw 7 of his 11 pitches for strikes.
  • I wondered out loud yesterday whether there was a pattern in where Welington Castillo’s “lost” strikes are (i.e., strikes that are called balls, arguably due to poor pitch framing), and BN’er Alex came through on Twitter:

  • Looks like it skews slightly to the low side (which would comport with some folks’ criticism that Castillo is too quick to flip his glove into a block position on low pitches), and slightly to the right edge (which would be the outside corner against righties – I think that one is where most missed calls are anyway, regardless of catcher).
  • Gratuitous vanity tweet-sharing:

  • Jay continues his look at the Bears’ positions of need, with the draft approaching.
  • That April 28 Cubs/Reds rainout has been rescheduled as a day-night doubleheader on July 8 in Cincinnati.. The first game will start at 12:10pm CT.
  • The Cubs/White Sox series will return to a three home and three away setup next year, according to MLB schedule-maker Kate Feeney, speaking with Mully and Hanley yesterday.
  • Cubs Care gave out $1.1 million in grants to nonprofit organizations serving those in need in the Chicago area.
  • You’ll likely soon notice that the BN Podcast is no longer available at the iTunes store. Last night, we received notice that the podcast had been removed from iTunes. There was no notice, no explanation, no discussion process, and, worse, no current way to resubmit the podcast. It’s just gone. I’ll do what I can to get it back on there, but I don’t even know where to begin, since it’s such an opaque process. If you know someone we can talk to about this, shoot me an email. (UPDATE: Doing some digging, I bet this was my fault. The podcast image on iTunes had a Cubs logo in it (totally inadvertent, because it’s on the headphones – I didn’t mean it to signify any kind of official relationship), which is a no-no. I’ve fixed the image, and hopefully that will fix things in time.) (ANOTHER UPDATE:


Author: Brett Taylor

Brett Taylor is the Editor and Lead Writer at Bleacher Nation, and you can find him on Twitter at @BleacherNation and @Brett_A_Taylor.