Javier Baez is on Fire, Hit a Grand Slam Yesterday (VIDEO)

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Javier Baez is on Fire, Hit a Grand Slam Yesterday (VIDEO)

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It is becoming my favorite part of the day: wake up, remember that a top Chicago Cubs prospect hit a bomb yesterday, find a video of the bomb, share the video of the bomb with BN’ers.

Today’s installment features Javier Baez with his seventh homer of the year (fourth in his last nine games), and it was a big one – a grand slam. What must it feel like to be a pitcher facing Baez with the bases loaded? Can’t feel good. Especially not when he can reach out over the plate and drive one 400 feet to right center field:

Baez finished yesterday’s game 2-4, which marked his tenth straight game with a hit. Over those 10 games, Baez is hitting .390/.409/.829* with four homers, six doubles, and is striking out under a 25% clip. He’s seen his OPS rise from .484 at the start of the streak to juuust shy of .700 (.693). And, before you say “PCL”, how about this: all ten of those games have been played at PCL parks that skew to the pitcher-friendly side (Iowa and Round Rock). There is no ballpark fluke here.

*(Believe it or not, that tops Kris Bryant’s line from his last ten games: .361/.425/.639. Baez is hotter than Kris Bryant right now. (Although, obviously, Kris Bryant has been on a crazy hot streak for the entirety of his AA season.)


Author: Brett Taylor

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