It's OK for Pitchers to Care About the W/L Stat and Other Bullets

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It’s OK for Pitchers to Care About the W/L Stat and Other Bullets

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  • As you well know by now, the Chicago Cubs won the World Series Jeff Samardzija got his first “win” yesterday, a moment for which he got a beer shower from teammates (that’s actually pretty swell). Here’s Samardzija’s quote on the whole thing, now that he finally has a win ( “People try to downplay the record thing, but as a starting pitcher, I think it’s important. I care, I want to keep working hard and come out every day and try to get a win. That’s all you can do.” I’ve got no problem with Samardzija feeling that way, but – obviously – I do still very much have a problem with the statistic, and I went off a bit on Twitter yesterday after seeing that quote. I don’t want to reinvent the wheel, so I’ll just share my string of tweets on the subject:

  • I don’t want to under-emphasize that last one. By continuously ridiculing the pitcher W/L stat, I believe I’m doing the right thing by the fans, which is to say: improving their overall baseball-enjoying experience by expanding their understanding of what they’re seeing (just as others have done, and continue to do, for me). What I am not doing is ridiculing the pitchers or players who care about the pitcher W/L stat. In the most sincere way, I say: whatever floats their boat. I understand that the stat “matters” to players, and, so it’s OK for them to care about it. I don’t want to see it impacting in-game decisions or the health of a player, obviously, but, other than that, go for it.
  • … but in 10 years, I want to see this stat go the way of the dodo. And I’ll continue to do my part.
  • It’s not that uncommon for guys to say the right things upon being demoted, but I’m not sure I’ve seen someone have quite the attitude that Ryan Kalish has about his diminished playing time, and his option to Iowa yesterday: “I just know I need to play,” Kalish told “I haven’t played in so long, and playing time now has been a little sparse. It makes sense. I didn’t expect to be here at this point. I’m ready to go get my playing time, work on my game and get back [as soon as possible] …. I’m at a point where it’s almost redevelopment that I have to do. I’m going to go work on my game, and we’ll see what happens. I’m confident I’ll be back at some point.” Kalish is clearly a great makeup guy, and he’s already worked so hard just to get back to playing at all, so maybe it shouldn’t be a surprise that he’s got a great attitude about this. I hope he works out the kinks, and plays his way into a long-term – albeit probably complementary – role with the Cubs.
  • Ricky Renteria tells CSN that Kalish will be back at some point.
  • Arizona Phil reports at TCR that reliever Kyuji Fujikawa has thrown three times in the last week in extended Spring Training games. You may recall that Fujikawa was very close to returning to the bigs (June 2013 Tommy John surgery) several weeks ago, way ahead of schedule, when he had something of a setback. If he’s throwing three times in a week now, though, he could be getting close to a rehab assignment. Because he was injured most of last year, and has been rehabbing since his surgery, we’ve still never really gotten a good look at what he has to offer. If he’s healthy, odds are, he’s probably pretty darn good (which would make the Cubs’ bullpen borderline excellent).


Author: Brett Taylor

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