A Brief Draft Day Three Primer

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A Brief Draft Day Three Primer

Cubs Minor Leagues and Prospects

2014 mlb draft featureOn Day One the Cubs took high floor, high ceiling college players in Kyle Schwarber and Jake Stinnett. On Day Two the Cubs loaded up on future promise with young pitchers like Dylan Cease and Carson Sands. So what will Day Three, which starts at 12pm CT with Round 11, bring?

  • More Hitters – At some point the Cubs will start drafting more bats, and if they hold true to form from the past few years they will prefer college bats by a wide margin. There will not be a lot of upside in a lot of those hitters, but I think you will see the Cubs (as much as they can) keep going back to the core attributes they seem to prefer in hitters: good defense, fairly athletic, and a good chance to have a high OBP or SLG. They won’t land that combination with all their picks, but those attributes are likely to keep emerging throughout the day.
  • Ground balls – On a similar note, the Cubs appear to prefer ground ball pitchers under this front office, so I expect to see a lot of their Day Three pitchers be guys with quality sinkers or a record of getting ground ball outs. Again, there may not be much upside here, not compared to Day Two anyway, but you never know. C.J. Edwards was a very late round pick, for example. Good prospects do sometimes sneak through.
  • Over slots – The Baseball America Top 500 shows a number of players with pretty high rankings still on the board. Some of these are going to be players that will be very tough to sign, so tough that teams don’t want to risk any of their money-tied slots on them. Today, though, if the players do not sign, there is no loss-of-slot penalty on the team. Those clubs (like the Cubs) who may have some extra to spend are likely to take a few tough sign types at the beginning of the day. (And if you’re unfamiliar with the slotting system and bonus pools, check out this primer, because it informs so much of what happens these days in the draft.)
  • Links – Speaking of the Top 500, that Baseball America database will be your best friend as you follow the draft today. It won’t be long, though, before those names are exhausted, and at that point we will turn to Google for our information.

Day Three will move very fast since there is no time allotted between picks, and the names will be read out over a conference call without any televised coverage. Regular updates will appear here on the website as the day progresses, and of course the fastest info can be found by following Brett (@BleacherNation) and me (@ltblaize) on Twitter.


Author: Luke Blaize

Luke Blaize is the Minor League Editor at Bleacher Nation, and you can find him on Twitter at @ltblaize.