Step Away from Trade Craziness to Enjoy Javier Baez and Kris Bryant Going Deep (VIDEO)

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Step Away from Trade Craziness to Enjoy Javier Baez and Kris Bryant Going Deep (VIDEO)

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There was a time when Javier Baez and Kris Bryant going deep in the same game at AAA Iowa would have been the biggest story of the day. Let’s call that time “any other day but yesterday.”

As it was, the Cubs made a huge trade last night, scuttling plans to enjoy the first time that the Cubs’ top two prospects (or is that now two of the top three?) have homered as teammates.

But, you know, it’s still pretty damn cool. So let’s enjoy it this morning.

First, you’ve got Bryant’s homer, part of a 3-4 night with a double, which is your typical smooth-swing, opposite-field fare:

The big night pushed Bryant’s AAA numbers to this: .365/.429/.794 over 17 games (yes, that slash line is better than the hilarious one he put up at AA earlier in the year). Bryant already has 29 homers this year!

And then you’ve got Baez’s homer last night, which is a thing of freaking beauty:

I love watching the cameraman try to find the ball. Not going to happen, dude. That ball is out of the ballpark. Like, the entire building.

Baez added yet another walk in the game, though he did strike out twice. Still, his line is up to .241/.309/.440, which isn’t earth-shattering, but, if he’d been at that level all year, we’d probably just be thinking that’s not too bad for the youngest player at AAA.

What matters most is that, since an initial adjustment phase, Baez is making more solid contact, striking out less, and walking a ton more.


Author: Brett Taylor

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