Let's Watch Anthony Rizzo Do Awesome Things

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Let’s Watch Anthony Rizzo Do Awesome Things

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Anthony Rizzo had himself a weekend, featuring three homers and some fantastic play all around.

In case you missed Rizzo’s amazing catch yesterday (and the ensuing run scoring discussion), you’re going to want to watch it:

Since we know he’s OK, we can simply be awed by his effort and success on the play. My heart went into my throat when he went end-over-end, but it’s easy to understand why a guy like Rizzo was not going to be stopped. He saw the ball, tracked it well, and knew he could get it. And then he did. It was an awesome play, and I think it would be silly to say too much about the rule that then led to a run scoring. It’s not realistic to think a player in the moment could think, “You know, if my momentum carries me into the dugout on this, the run is going to score, so maybe I should try to catch it, but kind of hold back, or maybe let it drop?”

I just applaud the play. It was awesome.

On the offensive side, Rizzo continues to mash, including this incredible homer:

That was just a bullet off the bat. I love looking closely – it’s hard, because it happens so fast – at where that pitch was when Rizzo hit it. By the time the pitch, which is moving away from Rizzo, reaches the plate, it is on the outer third. And yet Rizzo yanks it like it is middle-in, right where he wants it. Part of the reason (one small part among many other parts) for Rizzo’s increased production this year is that he’s sitting right on top of the plate, and absolutely dominating the outer half. And he’s still fast enough with his hands to get around when teams try to bust him inside (except on those, eh hem, handful of pitches that he swung at and then hit him).

The homer was Rizzo’s 23rd on the year, matching his mark from last year. It also tied Rizzo with Giancarlo Stanton for the NL lead. Wrap your head around that: Anthony Rizzo is now tied for the NL lead in homers.

That’s awesome.

So, in summary: Anthony Rizzo does awesome things.


Author: Brett Taylor

Brett Taylor is the Editor and Lead Writer at Bleacher Nation, and you can find him on Twitter at @BleacherNation and @Brett_A_Taylor.