Chicago Cubs Reportedly Looking to Make Moves This Week, But Will Not Move Jake Arrieta

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Chicago Cubs Reportedly Looking to Make Moves This Week, But Will Not Move Jake Arrieta

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jake arrietaIt annoys me just a little bit that we even have to discuss the possibility of the Chicago Cubs trading Jake Arrieta this week.

A 28-year-old righty who is finally living into the promise of his years and years of talent, is flashing ace – yes, ace – stuff, and who isn’t even arbitration-eligible for the first time until next year (meaning the Cubs have him for three cost-controlled years after this season). Am I saying Arrieta is and will be a true number one? No. But, based on what he’s shown, if he stays healthy, it’s hard to see him as worse than a very solid three going forward.

The front office is fond of saying things like “We need more So-and-So’s, not fewer,” but, in Arrieta’s case, it’s literally true. Sure, if some team wanted to give the Cubs something stupid (and helpful in 2015) for Arrieta, they’d consider it. But that’s not going to happen, and the Cubs need guys like Arrieta if they want to try and start winning a few games as soon as next year.

But the Cubs are obvious sellers, and so people will speculate. We’ll have headlines like this and tweets like this. Thankfully, we’ll also have tweets injecting some sanity like this:

Double period. Well, actually, that makes it, like, three periods, which is an ellipsis. Which implies a lack of finality. So, maybe take away my periods. Just the one. Yeah. Just one.

As for what the Cubs will do this week, there is an expectation that a complementary piece or two will be moved. The Cubs started that process earlier today when they traded Darwin Barney to the Dodgers for a PTBNL.

Nick Cafardo goes even further and says that the Cubs would “love to keep trading off,” and that might include Edwin Jackson. Cafardo says it wouldn’t be surprising to see Jackson dealt, by which I assume he means it wouldn’t be surprising to see the Cubs want to move him (because, at this point, it would surprise me if the Cubs were able to find a taker for Jackson absent eating 80% of his remaining salary (which, at that point, I’d just as soon see the Cubs keep him)).

The Trade Deadline is just about 72 hours away, on Thursday. The Blogathon starts early Wednesday morning. I am hopeful that it’s going to be fun.


Author: Brett Taylor

Brett Taylor is the Editor and Lead Writer at Bleacher Nation, and you can find him on Twitter at @BleacherNation and @Brett_A_Taylor.