Fun With John Baker's Big Game and Other Bullets

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Fun With John Baker’s Big Game and Other Bullets

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john baker cubsIt’s hard to do the normal posts during the Blogathon, because I get so caught up in all the other stuff.

  • John Baker was the winning pitcher last night, throwing a scoreless frame in the 16th inning. He also scored the winning run in the bottom of the inning, but that’s less whacky, so let’s instead focus on Baker, the pitcher. Although he got out of the inning without giving up any runs, that one walk will really damage his line. He sports a 0.00 ERA, but a 6.13 FIP and a 7.40 xFIP. The 50% groundball rate is nice, and could save him some further damage down the line. I’m not sure that the .000 BABIP or 0.0% line drive rate are sustainable, though. His one win ties him with Jake Peavy, who was recently traded for a couple interesting pitching prospects.
  • Multiple sources indicate that Baker was the first Cubs position player to get a win in over 100 years.
  • Awesome quotes from Baker here on the win, the ensuing shower (beer, chocolate milk, hair gel, shampoo, and body wash), and the fact that he had to shake off Welington Castillo a couple times because they “weren’t on the same page,” and Baker “trusts [his] stuff.” Yeah, I pretty much love John Baker. (And I’m in good company.)
  • In case you missed it, here’s some video of John Baker pitching:

  • Baker was also pretty much money on the walkoff:

  • If you needed more evidence that Anthony Rizzo is awesome, he jokingly asked some fans last night in the 11th if they wanted to take his at bat for him.
  • A sad piece from Jesse Rogers on Nate Schierholtz’s disastrous 2014 season. Call me a softy, but I do feel bad for these guys when they struggle this badly for this long.
  • Tony Andracki on Chris Coghlan, who is playing as well as anyone these days.
  • A great read from Eno Sarris on sabermetrics and the language of the clubhouse.
  • Man, I wish this wasn’t happening right now so that I could devote more time and attention to it. Short version: the O’s and Nationals have a very complicated TV relationship that has – to the public’s knowledge – been a simmering cauldron of problems that were at least being worked out behind the scenes. It turns out they weren’t really being worked out at all, and things are exploding into a huge, litigious fight. This is potentially an enormous story, and I just hope it can hold off on blowing up for another week or so.


Author: Brett Taylor

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