Chris Archer, Unlikely Rumor Source – Cubs Are an Attractive Free Agent Destination

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Chris Archer, Unlikely Rumor Source – Cubs Are an Attractive Free Agent Destination

Chicago Cubs Rumors

david priceDave Kaplan and David Haugh interviewed Tampa Bay Rays pitcher, and former Chicago Cubs prospect, Chris Archer about the future of the Cubs organization – which sounds like an odd topic about which a young, American League pitcher can opine, but stick with me. It was a really good listen, and you can listen/watch/read about it here.

Baseball players, as you know, talk to each other, which made Archer’s comments about free agents possibly coming to Chicago particularly interesting. Among Archer’s remarks, he tossed out: “I think that the Cubs are going to be a surprise this offseason because there are guys, there are top-10 players, starting pitchers especially who want to go pitch there.”

Not only does that ring true given the Rany Jazayerli piece we discussed yesterday about the Cubs’ impending wave of talent (which could make them a surprise contender in 2015 with the right pitching addition(s)), but it also is intriguing because of the latter part. There are top 10 players – starting pitchers in particular – whom Archer knows wants to go to the Cubs?

Given the team connection and the type of pitcher he’s describing, it’s no surprise that he was asked about David Price, recently traded to the Tigers, specifically. Archer said he wouldn’t be shocked if Price came to the Cubs after 2015.

I’ll try to temper any enthusiasm or expectation with respect to any specific players or timetables – on Price, for example, a whole lot can happen between now and November 2015 – but it’s yet another example of those on the outside seeing what’s going on with the Cubs. And, even better, it’s an indication that top players do see the value in coming to Chicago to be a part of what the Cubs will soon be. Yes, money ultimately talks, but having a huge offensive core to sell – together with a great city, an historic ballpark, and top notch player amenities coming soon – can only help the Cubs in their free agent pursuits over the next few years.

Check out the Archer interview for more of his thoughts, which will make your Cubs-related smile last just a little longer today.


Author: Brett Taylor

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