Jorge Soler Promotion Reactions and Fun Stuff

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Jorge Soler Promotion Reactions and Fun Stuff

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On the news of Jorge Soler’s promotion, folks had interesting and funny reactions. For those who missed any of them, let’s check a few out …


Soler was pulled from Iowa’s game, which sparked a freak-out on Twitter, and Matthew Pouliot dropped this gem:

Apparently he does: Dave Kaplan.

Hopefully Soler shines as brightly as many of the others.

I like to see org mates excited for each other. I’m sure there are many more out there, and will be today.

The best way for your organization’s farm system ranking to fall. I love it. Also, I love that Luke appropriately had to conclude that tweet with “maybe.”

We can’t help ourselves.

I don’t even care if that’s grammatically accurate in Spanish (I have no idea). It’s too much fun.

The great news, too, is that – as with Arismendy Alcantara and Javier Baez before him – Soler is still just the beginning.


A miscellaneous thought here: The Wife is originally from Cincinnati, and would have many places to stay if she decided to head on down and try and catch Soler’s debut/steal his toenail clippings. That is to say, she really likes Jorge Soler, and was very excited about the news of his promotion. A reminder that I was a good husband earlier this year:

Read up on Soler’s promotion here at, complete with thoughts from his manager on the well-deserved promotion. Among Bryan Harper’s words: “He’s a special kid. He’s strong as can be. What we saw this year, even though it was just a couple hundred at-bats, was what we were all expecting from him. I think he’s lived up to it.” The Cubs were expecting Soler to be this good. Giggity.

Lastly, if you never watched that great interview with Jorge Soler earlier this year, now’s a great time to watch (or re-watch … so much joy):


Author: Brett Taylor

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