Starlin Castro's Injury Last Night Was a Sprained Ankle (VIDEO)

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Starlin Castro’s Injury Last Night Was a Sprained Ankle (VIDEO)

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When Starlin Castro slid into home last night after an RBI single by Jorge Soler, it was clear that he was hurt, but it wasn’t quite clear with what. His leg bent awkwardly behind and under him, so the mind necessarily raced with the lamentable possibilities.

For now, the injury is being termed a sprained ankle, and here’s the video of the play (which is not gruesome, or I wouldn’t post it – and many folks didn’t see it live, and want to know how bad, or not bad, it looked):

Initially, it looks like Castro’s entire left leg is hurting him – from his hamstring to his knee to his ankle. Even if each of those parts of his body weren’t “injured,” it’s easy to see from the slide why they might all be hurting.

Although initial tests indicated no fracture, anyone who’s badly sprained their ankle will tell you that it can sometimes be just as bad as a break. Based on the immediate, obvious pain Castro was in, it’s hard not to brace for a significant sprain (or a break) based on the further tests he underwent after the game, the results of which could come today (

Castro walked off under his own power, and he apparently told Rick Renteria that he wanted to stay in the game. Those are good signs, but adrenaline can allow a person to deal with an injury for a short period of time without too many signs of trouble. We’ll see what the tests say.

Hopefully Castro’s season isn’t over, because he not only had a great year, but he was capping it off with a particular hot stretch. Not only is he rocking a nine-game hitting streak, but, going all the way back to the start of August, he’s hitting .388/.417/.524 with a 27.7% line drive rate.


Author: Brett Taylor

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