One WGN Relationship is Over, Another Might Be and Other Bullets

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One WGN Relationship is Over, Another Might Be and Other Bullets

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on air radioI finished watching ‘Deadwood’ this weekend on Amazon Prime. The timing was particularly fun, given that Wild West Festival I went to with the family (it really did look like an old western town like Deadwood!). The show was enjoyable, though I definitely fall into the category of folks who say it suffered from not knowing it was ending after that third season. There was also a fair bit of “western” style to the stories and the storytelling, which isn’t exactly my thing. I was more into the history and the characters (though Al Swearengen was probably the only consistently enjoyable character – and even his character seemed to vacillate between ruthless bad guy and pushover softy without any kind of reasonable explanation).

Obligatory with Amazon mention: you should shop at Amazon, especially as the holidays approach. I am an unabashed Amazon lover, and there is also a relationship between Amazon and BN where if you do your Amazon shopping via this link, it supports BN.

  • With yesterday’s season finale, the Cubs’ relationship with WGN Radio is now over. After almost 90 years together, the Cubs leave WGN Radio in favor of WBBM (well, technically it was WGN Radio who opted out). It’ll be an expansive relationship between the Cubs and WBBM – probably a beneficial one – but obviously it’s sad to lose that historical connection. (Pat Hughes and Ron Coomer are coming over to call games on WBBM, though.) Now we just await a decision on the TV side – will the Cubs be parting with WGN-TV at the same time?
  • Anthony Rizzo has an appropriate goal for the Cubs in 2015: win the NL Central ( It’ll be tough. It may not be likely. But it’s a reasonable goal.
  • Rick Renteria decompresses after his first season at the helm ( We’ll have more on Renteria’s first managerial season soon.
  • Among 10 potential minor league breakout candidates next year from BP: shortstop Gleyber Torres, who could begin the season with Low-A South Bend. Torres, you’ll recall, recently got love in BA’s top AZL prospect list. I’ll go upstream and say my vote is Torres’ IFA teammate, Eloy Jimenez. The potential there is enormous, percolating beneath the surface. With a full year of professional experience under his belt, I think Jimenez breaks out next year. At age 18.
  • (For the record, I also think Albert Almora breaks out next year – relatively speaking. He’s never going to be a huge offensive force, but I think next year he shows that he can be a .300/.350/.450 guy with Gold Glove defense in center. That’s a star, and that’s a breakout.)
  • The NL’s batting title will go to Justin Morneau, a guy who sat out the final two games of the season. Why? Because his manager wanted him to win the batting title. That’s pretty, pretty, prettay lame.
  • Jordan Zimmermann threw a no-hitter on the final day of the season yesterday (free agent after next season, by the way), and the final play of the game was absolutely amazing. It’s summed up in these two GIFs:

  • That second one might be one of the best baseball GIFs I’ve ever seen.
  • And now a thank you to my thank you to your thank you, or something like that … BN’er PolitiJim put together a collage of BN’ers, and it makes me so very happy (and, hey, that’s not what my shirt said!):


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