Red Sox Will Reportedly Add Another Arm (Well, All of His Body): Justin Masterson (UPDATES)

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Red Sox Will Reportedly Add Another Arm (Well, All of His Body): Justin Masterson (UPDATES)

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Because there wasn’t enough activity already this morning, the Red Sox have reportedly agreed to a deal with free agent pitcher Justin Masterson, who used to pitch for Boston.

That’s Masterson, Rick Porcello, and Wade Miley all added by the Red Sox immediately after losing out on Jon Lester. All heavy groundballers.

We’ll see what kind of deal Masterson gets, though it’s been presumed that he would want a short-term, prove-it deal after his disastrous (and probably injury-caused) 2014 season. The Cubs have been connected to him more than once, but he probably saw a clearer path to starts in Boston (who is really loading up on groundball pitchers, which makes sense at Fenway).

Among the other roll-the-dice types the Cubs could look at after this: Brett Anderson, Brandon Morrow, Brandon Beachy, and Kris Medlen. I doubt it happens without the Cubs trading away a pitcher or two, though. I do find those guys highly interesting.

UPDATE: Bob Nightengale says it’s a one-year, $9 million deal, which is just about what everyone was expecting. Short-term risk for the Red Sox, but not much money. Masterson gets a year – and a decent chunk of cash – to prove he’s back to health and effectiveness next year.

UPDATE 2: Actually …

UPDATE 3: The Cubs did want Masterson, it sounds like, but not quite at that price level:

I don’t think that’s entirely unreasonable by the Cubs (nor do I think the Red Sox were foolish for going higher). He was a tough one to value, given the exceptional past performance and the down, injury-filled 2014 season.

Makes you wonder how much they value the other roll-the-dice guys. Slightly less than Masterson, yes?


Author: Brett Taylor

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