A Random Visual Feast: Soler Swings, Hat Tilt, Baker Badassery, More

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A Random Visual Feast: Soler Swings, Hat Tilt, Baker Badassery, More

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Several visual things came to my attention recently via various social media channels, and I figured I’d share ’em here. Because they’re neat.

Jorge Soler getting ready:

A post shared by Jorge Soler (@jorgesoler12) on

That sound. I almost feel like I should click the “report inappropriate” button. Stay healthy, young man, because your 2015 season could be a lot of fun.

How about another cool reminder of the John Baker Game:

Obviously Baker should have that … but I want it.

Folks get really passionate about pizza in Chicago, so I will offer this with no comment at all:

The Cubs recently lost pitcher Marcos Mateo via a minor league deal with the Padres (he was a free agent), and I didn’t know what the Cubs would be missing in the latest iteration of Mateo:

In all seriousness, Mateo crushed the DWL this year, winning MVP honors AND pitcher of the year honors while pitching out of the bullpen. In 25.2 innings, Mateo gave up just 13 hits, just 5 walks, and struck out 45. I mean, DWL and all, that’s just nuts.

If you watched the season premier of Parks and Rec last night, you probably noticed the reference to the Cubs winning it all in 2017 (I’d take it), but did you notice this?

You are reminded that one of the showrunners of Parks and Rec is Michael Schur, aka Ken Tremendous of Fire Joe Morgan.

One final thing to share, of which I was reminded during yesterday’s discussion of the best regular season moments in Cubs history, for those who didn’t see it on Facebook:


Author: Brett Taylor

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