Joe Maddon Heads to Puerto Rico to See Javier Baez and Other Bullets

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Joe Maddon Heads to Puerto Rico to See Javier Baez and Other Bullets

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joe maddon speaksThanks to the magic of children and their affection for (1) electronics and (2) liquids, The Wife’s phone has been periodically kicking on its voice recognition feature on its own whim. That, you’ll note, is without all forms of voice recognition turned off on the phone. Still, it happens. All the time. We hear the beep-beep, and then “Calling Steve Johnson” or “Starting FaceTime with Papa John’s” or “Now Playing Lady Gaga.”

It had become unbearable, so I had to switch The Wife’s phone to my old phone this morning. Naturally, the sim card slot in my old phone was stuck (see the reference to children above), so it took five paperclips and all my might to get the thing out of there … which flew in two pieces across the room, and took a few minutes to locate. Hopefully we never need to use that old sim card, because I suspect it’s toast. The Wife’s seems to be working fine, though, and she’s now up and running on my old phone. No more random voice recognition. So that’s how I spent my morning. How was yours?

  • Javier Baez went 1-4 in his latest Puerto Rican Winter League playoff game (no strikeouts), and he had a special guest in attendance: Joe Maddon (h/t BN’er Rafael on the first, and Juan on the second). Check it out:

  • I think it’s great that Maddon headed down to see Baez in action – no pressure, Javy – and to foster that relationship. It’s not likely that Maddon will magically be able to cut Baez’s strikeout rate significantly with just a few tips and a strong bond, but the more the two are comfortable with each other, the better chance Baez has of being the best, most relaxed version of himself. I really look forward to seeing how Baez’s adjustments – and second base to start the year – shake out. As we’ve discussed all offseason, Baez can still have a poor strikeout rate and be a hugely valuable player to the Cubs (he just can’t have an historically awful strikeout rate, because then he simply won’t put enough balls in play to generate value and take advantage of his power).
  • Ted Lilly, a special assistant in the Cubs’ front office, has reportedly been charged with insurance fraud related to a damaged RV. He pleaded not guilty.
  • Jeff Samardzija made a crack about White Sox fans actually paying attention to the games at Sox Fest (Tribune). Before you jump all over him, I suspect it was a bit of a joke about the joke about Cubs fans.
  • Cubs fans don’t mind, Mr. Henry:

  • And since I bagged on the kids in the opening, I have to offer a little love. We had an absolute blast last night:


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