Fall Out Boy Performing at Opening Night at Wrigley Field

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Fall Out Boy Performing at Opening Night at Wrigley Field

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police concert wrigleyThere is a range of musical performers that MLB and ESPN would want to grab to kick off the 2015 season. It’s a relatively narrow band of, well, bands, and I think if you looked in the very center you’d probably find Fall Out Boy.

That’s why we were lighting mups for the 2013 Playoffs (as in, “light ’em up up up, light ’em up up up” … or “light a mup mup mup, light a mup mup mup, I’m on fi-yaaaaa”). Have your opinion on Fall Out Boy – and I’m sure you do – but you’ve got to admit that, when it comes to the demographic to which MLB/ESPN is likely trying to cater for an Opening Night event, Fall Out Boy is spot on.

I don’t know if MLB is driving the decision, or if ESPN will even be broadcasting the performance, but here’s Jesse Rogers with the scoop:

Since the performance is just three songs, since it’s pre-game, and since an ESPN reporter broke the news, I’m guessing this will be part of an ESPN Opening Night event-type-thing. We’ll see if/when/what the Cubs announce about the performance.

I don’t hate Fall Out Boy. I hate that their songs are a little overly commercialized and get stuck in your head so easily, but that’s not necessarily their fault. So … whatever. I am mostly ambivalent about this announcement. The band was formed in Wilmette (10 miles north of Wrigley Field), for what it’s worth.

It does get me excited for Opening Night, though. Which is oh-so-close.

And I will say this: when the renovation is completed at Wrigley, and that open air plaza is finished west of the park, events like this will have a ridiculously awesome atmosphere, regardless of how you feel about the specifics of the performance.

UPDATE: The Cubs have confirmed, and it sounds like this is part of the whole MLB/ESPN show:

UPDATE 2: And MLB adds the details (in the link):


Author: Brett Taylor

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