The All-Star Ballot is Out, You Can Vote for Chicago Cubs Players Online

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The All-Star Ballot is Out, You Can Vote for Chicago Cubs Players Online

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all star game 2015 cincinnatiI’m not going to tell you what to do with your All-Star Game votes this year. Not only do I feel it’s a little inappropriate because of my quasi-media role, but I also feel like the All-Star Game is such a silly (in a good way) fan thing that folks should do whatever the heck they want with their votes. If that means actually trying to find the best players, great. If it means voting exclusively for the players of your favorite team, including the guy who lasted a week as an emergency fill-in at shortstop and has been on the bench ever since, great. God bless, do what you want.

It’s not like voting that opens up after less than a month of action is really going to accurately capture the best players in the league anyway. So just have fun.

Voting for the 2015 MLB All-Star Game is now up, and you can cast your votes here. Voting is exclusively online, and, if you’re so inclined, you can bomb the vote a bunch of times and try to stack the team with Cubs players. There are already a few guys who seem pretty justified as reps this year (but, you know: April).

One nice thing is that, despite his start in AAA, Kris Bryant is on the ballot at third base – no write-in necessary. That should get him a little extra bump.


Author: Brett Taylor

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