Miscellaneous Rumor Bits: Cubs and Mariners, Rays, Padres, Ross, More

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Miscellaneous Rumor Bits: Cubs and Mariners, Rays, Padres, Ross, More

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So much going on to keep up with. If you missed any of the separate pieces: David Price to Blue Jays, Brandon Moss to Cardinals, Cole Hamels to Rangers, Carlos Gomez NOT to Mets, the Cubs might be shopping Castro, the Cubs might want Yovani Gallardo, the Dodgers/Braves/Marlins completed their whopper.

Other rumors flying around …

  • My favorite kind of rumor, because you can just let your imagination run wild:

  • Michael recently wrote about plausible Mariners targets here, and there are some pieces that could fit with the Cubs. If Hisashi Iwakuma is available, he’s a nice rental arm. J.A. Happ could be decent pitching depth. Seth Smith is very interesting, and has a 122 wRC+ on the year. So many young relievers, too. The mind … it goes places.
  • No Dustin Ackley, though, as he’s been traded to the Yankees.
  • The Cubs and Rays have been roughly tied together with respect to bullpen arms, but the Rays also have some mighty attractive, cost-controlled starters:

  • Is that the Rays floating a trial balloon on Karns, who is a 27-year-old righty only just now emerging as a middle-of-the-rotation arm? I don’t love everything in the peripherals, but he’s definitely interesting, especially when you consider the prime, cheap control.
  • Such a great read from Ken Rosenthal on how the Mets/Brewers deal reporting got screwed up (or if it got screwed up), and how instant services like Twitter change things. I think that I wear many hats here at BN – curating/aggregating content is certainly a part of it, but I hope you also do see a healthy dose of analysis in both original pieces and in articles built on curation/aggregation – and I, too, am frequently petrified of making a mistake publicly (and, when I have, I wear it). It’s a healthy fear to have, especially in this era. Being timely matters. Being accurate, fair, and comprehensive matters more.
  • With David Price on the move, the Tigers are now probably moving on to dealing Yoenis Cespedes and Joakim Soria. So, you know, heads up on that. Not sure the Cubs would be in on either, but it’s still notable.
  • Indeed, the Pirates are reportedly working with the Tigers to get Soria.
  • Been writing this post pretty much all day in the background, hence just now sharing this tweet from the wee hours:

  • There’s still time for this to be true, of course. But it could also bleed into tomorrow. The Cubs are probably involved in there somewhere. Speaking of which, you already knew this, but just to add more smoke:

  • The market for pitching rentals probably just got a little more crowded:

  • Ken Rosenthal says the Phillies may next move Ben Revere, possibly to an AL team. Revere could have been a fit with the Cubs as a bench guy, but he might have more value elsewhere.
  • Some pitching that the Cubs could be checking in on, but that would be very hard to acquire:

  • And, an outfield bench bat? How about Daniel Nava:

  • Thing is, Nava’s been abysmal this year, and, at age 32, it could be a legit decline. Sure, you could point to the .200 BABIP as bad luck, but his strikeouts are up, power is down, hard contact is down, line drive rate is way down, etc. There was also a thumb injury he was dealing with earlier in the year. Long story short: minor league flyer? Maybe.


Author: Brett Taylor

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