Miguel Montero is the Freaking Man and Other Bullets

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Miguel Montero is the Freaking Man and Other Bullets

Chicago Cubs News

miguel montero cubsThe weather in Chicago looks to be ugly all day. Hopefully the Cubs and Tigers are still able to get in tonight’s game. With no off-days coming for the Cubs in the next several weeks, with a make-up game against the Pirates yet to be scheduled, and with make-up games against the Indians and Royals already on the docket, the Cubs don’t need another wonky scheduling issue.

  • Do you want to fall deeply in love with Miguel Montero? If so, read this Cubs.com article about how he’s working with Kyle Schwarber and his plans – already – for a special catching-only session where the two will work together in Arizona starting on January 10. In a less team-oriented world, you could see a veteran, who is under control for a couple more years, wanting nothing to do with helping a young star become more able to take his job. That’s basically what Montero is going out of his way to do.
  • Even if successful, Montero’s so good at what he does behind the plate that it remains difficult to see Schwarber taking his spot as the everyday catcher (instead, I think the realistic goal should remain having Schwarber able to play a game or two behind the plate each week to optimize match-ups). Still, though, there’s nothing that requires Montero to be doing this outside of his own inclination to lead, to develop, and to be the ultimate team player. Among Montero’s comments in the article: “My plan is to help him be the best he can be behind the plate. It would make me proud – it would make me proud of myself to help him be one of the best catchers in the league.” That’s a coach, even if he’s not a coach. There’s so much more in the article, and it’s absolutely impossible not to come away swooning for Montero.
  • More on Schwarber here at CSN.
  • Kris Bryant on his defensive improvements and the work he’s put in this year (Tribune). As Michael discussed recently, Bryant has come in for praise from other managers around the league on his defense this year.
  • Love this look at pitcher volatility within the context of Kyle Hendricks from Rian Watt at BP Wrigleyville.
  • Scoreboard Watching from earlier this morning if you missed it.
  • Forgive the additional re-plug, but if you didn’t read the article yesterday on the in-market streaming news, I highly suggest you do. It’s really important stuff not only for the future of the sport and video consumption, but also, specifically, for the Cubs.
  • And, did you check out Luke’s Minor League Daily today? If not, and you want to get in on the trivia question, give it a look.

Because I’m going to be posting the answers below.

So this is your last chance to check it out before being spoiled.

I’m not playing.

Here come the answers.

Prospect Trivia answers:

1993 – Joe Girardi
1997 – Miguel Cairo

They played together on the 2001 Cubs and the 2003 Cardinals.

If I’d known the names, I would have come up with the bonus question answers (the teams, though maybe not the years without looking). But there was no way I knew those names. I vaguely recall having a Joe Girardi expansion draft baseball card, so I suppose I must remember that one on some level. But, man, I never would have come up with those answers.


Author: Brett Taylor

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