The End of the Reign of Voodoo Magic and Other Bullets

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The End of the Reign of Voodoo Magic and Other Bullets

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ted lilly crushes yadier molinaTonight is “Social Media Night” at the Cubs’ game, and, if you’re going to the game anyway, you can stop by the DraftKings Fantasy Sports Zone – formerly Captain Morgan Club – and participate in a pre-game event (first 300 folks). The doors open at 4pm, and I hope to be there right around 4 – I’d love to meet up with folks, being that this is a social event and all that.

  • After yesterday’s loss, Joe Maddon was quick to emphasize what the overall tenor of the last couple series with the Cardinals has demonstrated: the Cubs can beat them ( There’s really no doubt about that, and, even if you want to say that baseball is baseball and any team could always beat any time, this is a little something different. For the next several years, the Cubs will have to consistently beat the Cardinals if they want to succeed at the highest levels. And to know, for sure, that there isn’t going to be some kind of weird mental block holding anyone back is a good thing. For years now, and even earlier this year, it simply seemed like the Cardinals would always win. Whatever happened early in a game, the Cardinals would find a way to pull it out and the Cubs would choke it away. No more.
  • The Cardinals are not invincible. Their voodoo magic has no dominion here.
  • It remains deeply frustrating to me that Yadier Molina can do what he did yesterday at second base, and, (1) because Addison Russell was not hurt, and (2) because of Molina’s “he’s just a good, hard player” reputation, no one will say boo about it. For those who missed it, Molina singled to lead off the second and ran to second on a subsequent grounder by Brandon Moss. This came an inning after Jason Heyward slid very late into second base on a similar play (you can watch both slides here):

  • Unlike Chris Coghlan’s slide, which you see in every single game, you almost never see a guy “slide” on top of the bag so that he can drill a defender who’s already backing away from second base. And yet, because Coghlan’s slide resulted in an injury, we had to hear for days about how it may or may not have been dirty. No one is even discussing Molina’s (or Heyward’s) slide today. Typing more words will do me no good, because they’ll be the kind of words that shouldn’t get past my mental filter.
  • Should the Cubs have sent Anthony Rizzo on that bases-loaded, no-out fly to right field in the 8th yesterday (a play on which Molina ultimately sprained his thumb, by the way)? Live at the game, it looked like a perfectly fine decision, and one that was greeted with a killer play by Jason Heyward.
  • I grabbed a quick video yesterday at the game to get a sense of the atmosphere pre-pitch during a bit early-game at bat (it was Anthony Rizzo with the bases loaded, as he singled up the middle):

  • It was 40,000, on their feet, screaming, clapping, roaring, and into every moment. Particularly when you compare it with the last several years, it was absolutely incredible.


Author: Brett Taylor

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