There's No Place Like Home and Other Bullets

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There’s No Place Like Home and Other Bullets

Chicago Cubs News

yellow brick roadThe Cubs get to come home now, and they have played better at home than on the road this year (though they’ve been good on the road, too). Hopefully that sparks them, and especially the bats – the Cubs might have to win a couple high-scoring games. The weather should be a little more conducive to offense at Wrigley Field this week, so perhaps that favors the Cubs just a touch more than the Mets.

What stings, in particular, about losing both games in New York is that they came with the Cubs’ two best starting pitchers on the mound. Kyle Hendricks and Jason Hammel (or a bullpen game, or a hybrid) can be good enough for the Cubs to win, but Jacob deGrom and Steven Matz are obviously very, very good.

Take a day to breathe, I guess, because the nerves will return very soon.

  • The Cubs’ players attitudes after another loss to the Mets remains exactly what you’d expect: a shoulder shrug and a move-on-to-the-next-one (CSN, The players and their manager seem to get as well as anyone, and that’s just the thing that sucks about the playoffs: the best teams, overall, don’t always win, because the series are short. That is not to say the Cubs are definitely better than these Mets – it’s just to say that this series won’t prove it either way. The Cubs were swept in three games by the Phillies earlier this year. How much did that tell us about the respective quality of the two teams?
  • But, as I ruminated yesterday, none of that means it’s not a bummer to see the Cubs losing these games, and none of it means that they’ll come back and take the series. You are now experiencing what I and many others have tried to say for so many years: the playoffs are a crapshoot. All a team can do is get there as many times as possible and see what happens. For fans, that’s tough to accept, and even tougher to enjoy when the roll of the dice isn’t coming up Cubs. Even for me: it’s easy for me to say this stuff when I’m writing, but, deep down, I’m pissed off, I’m worried, and I’m desperately pining for the Cubs to win tomorrow.
  • More on Jake Arrieta’s start, specifically, soon.
  • No update on the Cubs/Giants/Eddy Julio Martinez stuff, though it could come at any time. Here’s hoping the Cubs get him, because I’m sure we could all use a pick-me-up.
  • I’m just going to leave this right here because people should have a long memory for this kind of stuff.
  • Grumble:


Author: Brett Taylor

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