Kris Bryant is the Rookie of the Universe and Other Bullets

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Kris Bryant is the Rookie of the Universe and Other Bullets

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kris bryant smile on baseSeriously: when is ‘Serial’ Season Two coming? I can’t be the only one who’s itching …

  • If there’s an iteration of the Rookie of the Year award out there, Kris Bryant is going to win it. The Players Choice Awards just gave him the award. He recently got it from the Sporting News. He’ll soon get it from the BBWAA. And this afternoon, I’m going to take a vote in the Taylor household, where he’ll probably win the award in a unanimous sweep (though The Little Girl has become a pretty big Addison Russell fan, as that’s who she likes to be when we throw the ball around outside – with all due love to Bryant, I can’t blame her for wanting, defensively, to emulate Russell). Bryant chose to have his proceeds from the Players Choice Award donated to the Wounded Warrior Project.
  • MLB is going to have its first test of the new domestic violence policy, as Jose Reyes was recently arrested for domestic assault.
  • Very sad news, as former Braves and Angels pitcher Tommy Hanson has passed away at age 29.
  • Albert Pujols underwent foot surgery for which the recovery time puts Opening Day in doubt for the Angels slugger. The Cubs open the season in Anaheim, so a shortened Angels squad wouldn’t be the worst thing. Pujols, 35, hit .244/.307/.480 for the Angels last year (116 wRC+), and has generally been a shell of the guy he was with the Cardinals. He’s under contract for six more years.
  • Fans can vote on how pleased or displeased they were with their team’s 2015 season, and I suspect Cubs fans will register extreme pleasure. (Phrasing.)
  • Two miscellaneous crazy homers from this past season that you probably missed: Evan Gattis hit a one-handed (very one-handed) homer; Marcell Ozuna hit one that hit the foul pole … the top of the foul pole … as in it arced and bounced on the very small top of the foul pole.
  • Earlier, if you missed it, Rick Renteria is getting a job with the White Sox, and I reflected on the year he was gone.


Author: Brett Taylor

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