Anthony Rizzo is an Award Winner and Other Bullets

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Anthony Rizzo is an Award Winner and Other Bullets

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Also, I wanted to give you the heads up that I’m going to try and fun way to keep Amazon in your minds from time to time – this is a business, after all – by referencing random Cubs-related stuff I find on Amazon down in the Bullets. Like these socks. It’s probably because my feet are exceptionally cold this morning, but they look mighty cozy to me right about now. I also like that they remind me of my new-ish Cubs-colored shoes, which have already netted me TWO separate compliments this week.

OK. End of advertisement. On to the rest …

  • Jake Arrieta didn’t win the Gold Glove, but he’ll still have a chance at the Cy Young (and Kris Bryant will get the Rookie of the Year award, and Joe Maddon has a shot at Manager of the Year). Anthony Rizzo, on the other hand, didn’t have a shot at the Gold Glove, because he wasn’t a finalist. He also doesn’t have a shot at the MVP, because he’s not a finalist. I can’t say either of those things is unfair, because, when you really dig into it, Rizzo is probably just barely on the outside of the top three in each of those categories. But he DID win an award last night! Every team has a Heart and Hustle Award winner from the Major League Baseball Players Association, but Rizzo was the top overall winner:

  • Among Rizzo’s thoughts as he accepted the award was this so-very-on-point commentary on what baseball is ( “I’m the older one on the team now with a lot of younger players. I tell them every day, there’s some little kid who’s been waiting to come to this game for probably four, five or six months. He got Christmas presents to come to Wrigley Field on July 21, dog days of summer, and [he’s] looking forward to seeing me play, you play, him play, anyone play with a Cubs jersey on.” It’s such an important understanding to keep in mind, and I loved hearing it from Rizzo, who, is right that he’s one of the vets on this Cubs team, but is, himself, still just 26 years old.
  • A cool softball trick shot, and I’d like to see Jose Bautista do this before hitting a 450-foot bomb and chucking his bat. (Seriously: I really, really want to see that.)
  • Speaking of which, you must read this article from Bautista at The Players Tribune on his bat-flip-chuck in the playoffs this year. I defy anyone to read that article and feel upset about what Bautista did. It’s one of the best pieces I’ve seen written about the cultural evolution of baseball, and about what the sport is supposed to be.
  • As expected, and made official today, AM-670 The Score is the Cubs’ new flagship radio station.
  • SABR’s final defensive index for 2015, with some love in there for Addison Russell.
  • Nathaniel Grow starts looking at the issues that’ll be up for discussion in the upcoming CBA negotiations.
  • If you missed it earlier, the Cubs’ front office is meeting with reps for the top free agent pitchers.


Author: Brett Taylor

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