Can't Get Enough Jason Heyward – More on His Arrival (VIDEO)

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Can’t Get Enough Jason Heyward – More on His Arrival (VIDEO)

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jason heyward cubsAlthough his decision came down on Friday, this is the week that has really been the week of Jason Heyward. From the dive on the signing to his introduction to the contract breakdown, it’s been a whole lotta Heyward in the last five days. And that’s just fine by me.

So why not a little more?

If you want to read up on some more Heywarding from just after his introductory press conference, there are a lot of interesting quotes here, here, and here, not all of which were from the press conference, itself.

The most interesting bits in there are probably the comments about why Heyward picked the Cubs over the Cardinals, when he references the ages/imminent departures of various core Cardinals players. It’s especially interesting to note that, just a year or two ago, the Cardinals looked to be set up for a very long time. Trading Shelby Miller for Heyward, and then not retaining Heyward, incidentally, helped narrow that window.

There’s also this interview of Cubs hitting coach John Mallee by Jesse Rogers on Heyward, who’s always been noted to have a unique swing. One thing Mallee mentions is the elevated groundball rate last year (57.2%), which was waaaaay up from the three previous seasons (all in the 43.7% to 45.5% range). What I like is that Mallee doesn’t immediately say “we have to fix that” – instead, he says that the first thing he wants to do is just find out why it was, and go from there.

Heyward did an interview on the Spiegel and Goff Show on The Score yesterday, which was pretty excellent listen. The beard comes in for heavy praise. And he believes he’s still learning the game and, for example, more power could come (especially at Wrigley). In general, Heyward is now yet another Cub to whom I just really enjoy listening. He’s a baseball guy, through and through.

There’s also a great video you can watch from MLB Network with an interview of Heyward:


Author: Brett Taylor

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