Avoiding Convention Attendee Speculation and Other Bullets

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Avoiding Convention Attendee Speculation and Other Bullets

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chris coghlan featureIn theory, you’re going to start to see quite a bit more to read around here on the weekends in 2016, which is definitely going to be the case this weekend. Lots more coming today. We already talked this morning about Cubs pitching prospect P.J. Francescon’s suspension, by the way.

None of that is to say you should be chained to your computer or your phone on the weekends awaiting the next BN post – go, live, laugh, love. But there should be more occasions to check in on the weekends, if you’re so inclined. And, in any case, I’ll keep rounding up weekend stuff on Monday mornings for those of you who only do the weekday thing.

  • With the Cubs Convention guest list out yesterday, I noticed a lot of folks commenting on the guys who aren’t scheduled to attend – Chris Coghlan, Tommy La Stella, Spencer Patton, and Christian Villanueva were among the noticeably absent players on the 40-man roster. While, yes, sometimes that means something could be in the works (you wouldn’t want a guy showing up at the Convention only to find out he’d been dealt that weekend), I’d encourage you not to go too far with any assumptions. More often, guys aren’t able to make it simply because they aren’t able to make it, or at least aren’t able to confirm their attendance for sure in advance. Unless we hear otherwise (and I haven’t), that’s where we should probably leave it. I remember doing this dance so many times in recent years, and usually it doesn’t land anywhere worth stepping.
  • Similarly, I noticed folks commenting on Kyle Schwarber being listed as a catcher, only, on the announcement. That, too, is not something I’d read a whole lot into. Schwarber may catch some next year, but he’s likely to see the vast majority of his time in left field.
  • Yesterday, we talked about the proposed ordinance governing the sale of alcohol at the plaza coming to the west of Wrigley Field, and there’s more here at the Sun-Times from Alderman Tom Tunney, who is introducing the ordinance, and from a Ricketts Family spokesman. The latter indicated that although the Cubs are happy the plans are moving forward, the time restrictions Tunney is seeking are too much. For his part, Tunney indicated there could still be additional negotiating before the ordinance is finalized.
  • If ZiPS is to be believed, the Padres very much should go the direction of a full sell-off rather than trying to compete in the loaded NL West. A good catching situation and two good starters (Tyson Ross and James Shields, interestingly, not Andrew Cashner) is all that’s there for what looks like a really bad team on paper – and that, just one year after going hog wild in trades and free agency. The lesson remains: know thyself. Going hog wild in trades and in free agency is not, in isolation, a bad thing. But when you’re trying to turn a clear non-contender into a contender that way within a single offseason, the results are at least as likely to be disastrous as they are to be exciting.
  • Stan Croussett helps translate an interview with Cubs catching prospect Miguel Amaya, one of the team’s big signings in the current IFA period (which is to say: he’s just 16). Fun read.


Author: Brett Taylor

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