Feeling Like the Cubs Will Win the NL Central and Other Bullets

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Feeling Like the Cubs Will Win the NL Central and Other Bullets

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kyle schwarber cubs smileDidn’t win the Powerball, eh? That’s OK. There were three winners, and, after splitting the prize, taking the lump sum, and paying taxes, each won’t even get a measly $200 million. Barely worth even playing.

Besides – your odds are much better of getting the visual jackpot of a Bartolo Colon inside-the-park homer this year anyway.

  • Last year it was Anthony Rizzo, who predicted that the Cubs would win the NL Central in 2015, and this year it’s Kyle Schwarber, who tells the Tribune he “feels” like the Cubs will. There’s really nothing to be gained by a player making a prediction, but it was really nice to hear it last year from Rizzo, because, as you may remember, it really felt like the Cubs were turning a corner in August and September of 2014. Whether the Cubs would actually go on to win the division in 2015, that was the mindset you wanted the players to have. And, hey, winning 97 games is plenty good, wherever you might actually finish in what proved to be a historically good division. So, whatever Schwarber feels, it’s a good thing. As an outside observer, I feel it, too: the Cubs look to have the best chance of the five Central teams to win the division. Here’s hoping the Cubs play like it right out of the gate.
  • And, as Michael noted yesterday, the Cubs are already projected to be the best team in baseball. So the feeling, Kyle Schwarber, is justified. (That doesn’t mean the Cubs WILL win the Central, mind you – the games all have to be played, of course.)
  • Although he reiterated optimism about eventually getting a deal done, Cubs Chairman and Owner Tom Ricketts indicated that there won’t be an announcement on a Theo Epstein extension at the Convention, according to Jesse Rogers. Michael wondered about that fitting possibility earlier in the week in the latest extension update.
  • Eno Sarris doesn’t think the Cubs should trade Jorge Soler, because there are a number of statistical reasons to believe he’s got a very good shot at being a good big league hitter (i.e., even setting the scouting aside).
  • Big changes at ESPN’s banner Sunday Night Baseball: Jessica Mendoza, who was very good in the few shots she got last year, is now in permanently as part of a three-person booth with Aaron Boone and Dan Shulman. John Kruk will be doing in-studio stuff, and Curt Schilling has been moved to Monday Night games.
  • The Padres and Astros will play two Spring Training games, March 26 and 27, in Mexico City. It’s the first time MLB games have been played in Mexico since 2004.


Author: Brett Taylor

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