Kyle Schwarber is Willing to Do It All, Including Playing Third Base and Other Bullets

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Kyle Schwarber is Willing to Do It All, Including Playing Third Base and Other Bullets

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kyle schwarber cubs smileThe trailers for ‘Batman v. Superman’ have, to my eye, looked so painfully bad that I cannot fathom the movie being any good. I mentioned that opinion in a joke on Twitter a few days ago, and I got quite a bit of grief from folks who are excited about the movie. Am I alone in dreading that it’s going to be terrible? Am I being unfair in judging it against its trailers (or am I just flat wrong that they look bad)? I was trying to think of a time when I saw a trailer for a movie that suggested the movie would be abysmal (not just ugly, but abysmal), and I was wrong, ultimately liking the movie. I can’t come up with an example, but that doesn’t mean it hasn’t happened.

(The other way around happens to me all the time – great trailer, terrible movie.)

  • Joe Maddon nearly used Kyle Schwarber for a switch at third base in the playoffs last year, according to Schwarber had never played third base before. In his life. But he was willing, and Maddon was willing, and that speaks a great deal to both Maddon’s willingness to go way outside the box when the situation dictates it, as well as Schwarber’s willingness to do whatever is asked of him. I like it. The piece is a good read, generally, on how much work Schwarber has put in this offseason and what’s to come.
  • I doubt we see Schwarber at third base this season – let alone in the playoffs – but we will see him playing both in left field and behind the plate, where he continues to work to improve his skills. It’s going to be a tough year for Schwarber, in terms of trying to develop behind the plate, improve in the outfield, AND keep getting better/not have holes exploited when he’s batting. That last one is sometimes easy to forget when we talk about Schwarber’s positions: he still has to do the thing that all young players have to do, and make the necessary adjustments to keep having offensive success. That part, alone, is not easy.
  • … now I’ve kinda got a hankering to see how Schwarber would look at third base (not regularly, obviously, just once or twice – just to see). I’m sure he could make routine plays comfortably.
  • I enjoyed this read from Ken Rosenthal (not just for the SCardenfreude) about the way Commissioner Manfred must handle the Cardinals hacking issue, and not show any favoritism in the punishment. However close Manfred may or may not be to the Cardinals’ owner, the way he handles this thing will impact his relationship with the other 29 owners – they will want to know that he’s been fair. It’s always a tricky thing when he’s been tasked with punishing one of the very teams at whose pleasure he serves. It’s like suspending one of your bosses. But, for the greater good, he’s going to have to do something significant.


Author: Brett Taylor

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